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10 Exercises At Home For Better Posture And More Balance

Everyone must be able to participate in this home training. 30 minutes are enough to get fitter. It is essential that you not only strengthen the gluteal muscles but that you also stretch them because strong muscles often tend to shorten.

There is now plenty of evidence that exercise and health are related. Exercising at home is very easy. These 10 exercises at home for strength, flexibility and coordination can help to improve personal well-being significantly.

The exercises also prevent tension and improve fat metabolism and mobility. The home training can be done quickly in 30 minutes.

1. Squats for a Crisp Bottom

Squats with arm lift train the muscles in the thighs, buttocks, and shoulders.

The exercise also stabilizes the trunk because the abdominal and back muscles also have to work. After 15 repetitions and a pause of 30 seconds, the activity should repeat.

That’s how it’s done.

  • Squat slowly.
  • Crouch until the back can no longer be held straight. At the same time, raise your hands from your hips to shoulder height.
  • Crouch for about two seconds with your arms outstretched, then slowly get up again and bring your arms up to your thighs. Repeat the movement 15 times.

2. Hanging Rowing

The hanging rowing exercise trains the entire upper back as well as the biceps. The abdominal muscles also work thanks to the backward inclined posture.

And again, right away! After 15 repetitions and a pause of 30 seconds, repeat the whole exercise.

That’s how it’s done.

  • Clamp two towels at shoulder height between the door and frame. Hold a cloth with one hand. Leave 30 centimetres of space between the side and the door.
  • Extend your arms and put your feet towards the door with your legs slightly bent. Then slowly pull your upper body hanging backwards towards the door.
  • The upper body, hips, and legs should form a line if possible. Above all, the buttocks should not hang back or down during the exercise.

3. Pushups

  • With pushups or push-ups, you can train the chest muscles, the triceps, and the front shoulder muscles.
  • Kneeling is easier to do than on your feet. If you want to do the push-ups particularly intensively, you can put your feet on a chair or a step.
  • After 15 repetitions and a pause of 30 seconds, you can repeat the whole exercise.

4. Back Stretching

  • With this back stretching, the entire system of the stretcher trained. Training these muscles is essential for good posture and a healthy back.
  • After 15 repetitions and a pause of 30 seconds, you can repeat the whole exercise.

5. Bend Your Torso or Sit-Up

  • The straight abdominal muscles trained with torso bends. With each repetition, try to roll the spine off the floor more to improve mobility and strengthen your abdomen.
  • After 15 repetitions and a pause of 30 seconds, you can repeat the whole exercise. The pelvis should not move so that the abdominal muscles are challenged.

6. Grip the Leg on the Side

  • After the five strength exercises, the first of two balance exercises follow. The exercise “grasping” combines balance, strength, and flexibility.
  • These three fitness components only really make sense in combination with each other.
  • After five repetitions per side, you should repeat the exercise. If you lose your balance, retake the basic position and continue counting from where you left off.

7. Plank Bridge

  • lank bridge primarily promotes the static tension in the fuselage and balance.
  • The hip should not move back and forth if possible. Always alternately lift and relieve the sides.
  • There should be about five movements per side. Keep the tension of the upper body, the hips, and the legs as symmetrical as possible and slowly support them again.
  • If you lose your balance, return to the primary position and continue counting from there. Do the exercise a total of seven times.

8. Hip Flexors

  • The three final exercises in the 10-step program are devoted to mobility. The eighth exercise is the hip flexor.
  • With this stretching exercise, as the name suggests, the hips are bent. You should feel a soft pull but no pain.
  • The hip stretch should be held twice for 30 seconds. Alternately stretch both sides. You can increase the intensity of the exercise by changing the angle of the extended leg.
  • A 45-degree angle is suitable for beginners and a 60-degree angle for advanced users.

9. The Hamstring

  • With a leg curl, you train the flexibility in the legs. You should feel a mild pull during the exercises but no pain.
  • The stretch of the back of the leg should be held twice per leg for 30 seconds. You can increase the exercise intensity by increasing the angle, i.e., stretching your leg up as vertically as possible.
  • To further increase tension, tip the toes of the stretched leg towards your body.
  • After pulling the first leg, pause for a moment, and compare the two legs. Stretching exercises are suitable on the one hand as part of the training, for relaxation in between or for regeneration after a sporting activity.

10. Stretching the Buttocks

  • With the tenth and final exercise, you pull one of the strongest muscles in the human body: the gluteus maximus muscle or large gluteus muscle.
  • As an extension of the hip joint, it enables walking and standing and prevents the pelvis from tipping over.
  • It is essential that you not only strengthen the gluteal muscles but that you also stretch them because strong muscles often tend to shorten.

Stop for a moment after the 10 exercises at home and feel how your body feels. If you’re relaxed, you’ve done it right.

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