10 Foods On An Astringent Diet To Stop Diarrhea

Diarrhoea: White rice, boiled potatoes, a grilled chicken breast, and for dessert, a roasted apple. Ideally, that could be the ideal menu to regain intestinal health after a diarrheal process. Let’s see what other foods you could include.

1. To Drink, Alkaline Lemonade

Usually, in the first phase of diarrhoea, solid foods are still not well tolerated. In those first moments, drink fluids. But not just any, the most suitable are water, oral serum, or also a homemade moisturizing solution called alkaline lemonade.

Its preparation is straightforward: Add the juice of two or three lemons to a litre of water, a teaspoon of sugar, a pinch of salt and another of bicarbonate.

Extra: You can also have isotonic drinks. But keep in mind that too much mineral content can aggravate the problem rather than fix it.

2. Start the Day With an Infusion or Tea

If you are one of those who have coffee with milk for breakfast, you must replace it with an infusion of chamomile or mint tea.

Both options relieve pain associated with intestinal cramps and decrease bowel movements’ frequency due to their astringent properties.

Extra: Orange peel tea is another effective remedy for managing symptoms associated with diarrhoea.

3. Quince Bread, Mid-morning

You can prepare a snack with a slice of white bread, butter toasted, biscuit type. Of course, never comprehensive.

Accompany the bread with a piece of quince; its fibre content (pectin and mucilage) and tannins give it its astringent property par excellence.

Extra: You can eat the natural or sweet quince. However, the first option will always be better.

4. Probiotics to Replenish the Flora

In diarrheal processes, due to the torrent of water displaced towards the end of the intestine, a large part of the flora that inhabits the colon disappears when it is carried away by diarrhoea.

To replenish this flora, it is good to make yoghurts.

Extra: To restore intestinal flora, yoghurt is useful, but you can also make kefir.

5. Proteins, Better Chicken

If you already appreciate a slight improvement and carbohydrates, you can add protein foods to the menu. Of course, those that contain lean meats such as chicken or turkey.

Extra: Prepare a chicken breast grilled or cooked with a splash of lemon. It is a perfect dish, both at noon and for dinner.

6. Hydrates in the Form of White Rice

Carbohydrates should be introduced when fluids are already well tolerated. At that time, we can already include solid foods.

Boiled white rice is an excellent way to advance your recovery

Extra: If you’re still in the liquid-only phase, rice water will help. You can sweeten it with a little sugar and give it a touch with a cinnamon stick.

7. Avoid Bluefish

One of the main requirements to cut diarrhoea is to exclude fat from the diet since it facilitates nutrient absorption to our intestines.

We will exclude the fattiest fish such as tuna or sardines from our diet, opting for hake or cod.

Extra: Prepare them on the grill. You can accompany them with some cooked potatoes or a carrot puree.

8. And as a Garnish Cooked Potatoes

The fact of the matter is the way we prepare the potatoes. And the thing is, we need the energy from the carbohydrates it contains, but at the same time, we have to facilitate digestion in our body. So, cooking is the way.

Extra: In addition to being sliced ​​and cooked, you can also prepare a delicious mashed potato to accompany a turkey breast or a slice of hake.

9. Snack on a Cooked Apple

The apple is one of the most recommended fruits to cut diarrhoea since it has astringent properties that will help restore regular intestinal transit to the body.

The best way to eat it is striped and skinless (to avoid fibre) and roasted or cooked.

Extra: Both apple and banana are foods rich in pectin, a substance that helps cut diarrhoea. The banana can be eaten raw as long as it is very ripe.

10. Noodle Soup for Dinner

Another right way to introduce carbohydrates (energy) into your astringent diet is with noodle soup.

Extra: Don’t overheat it. To recover from diarrhoea, food should not be too cold or too hot to accelerate intestinal transit.

11. Why Does Diarrhea Occur?

When our intestine stops working correctly due to an infection, an allergy, some food intolerance, or the side effects of a medication such as antibiotics, diarrhoea appears.

Diarrhoea is considered to be several situations:

  • Increasing the number of times you go to the bathroom.
  • The number of bowel movements.
  • The modification in the texture of the stool goes from a more or less stable consistency to another more pasty or even liquid.

Although it is usually a temporary disorder, sometimes it becomes a chronic problem that generates severe issues of dehydration and malnutrition, as in irritable bowel syndrome.

It is useful to eat an astringent diet that helps us cut diarrhoea and repair intestinal flora to tackle the problem.

In the gallery, you have seen we have collected 10 foods that you should include in your anti-diarrhoea menu. So in 3 or 4 days, you will be like new.

12. Tips for Treating Infant Diarrhea

Avoid dehydration. The child should drink oral serums in small sips and every two to three minutes to achieve better tolerance.

Return to the usual diet as soon as possible. The recommendations of scientific societies ensure that children with diarrhoea must be fed as quickly as they tolerate the serum.

Continue with breast milk or formula. Free breast milk can be given during acute diarrhoea. And if the doctor indicates it, between the takes will offer oral rehydration serum.

As for the formula, in most cases, during the episode of diarrhoea, it is not necessary to change the usual type of milk to another without lactose, hydrolyzed, or hypoallergenic (if necessary, the paediatrician would prescribe it).

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