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Hey guys, we are the Health Divine Tips blog. We specialize in beauty and healthcare-related facts. We would love to gather some new or experienced people in this field, i.e., Beauty Write for Us (Guest Post).

New ideas, innovative suggestions are always widely welcomed in our blog. We are already running our organization with so many multi-talented members, but we want more stars to participate.

1. Are You Interested In Writing For Us?

Beauty write for us

Our write for us sections are:-

If you think you are the one…

If a writer and beauty enthusiast like you thinks in a same-minded way, please hurry up and join Health Divine Tips as a beauty blogger (Beauty write for us + guest post).

Now coming to the experts who are already daily practicing in this field are highly admired because you are the one who transforms our blog into a mysterious yet, the amazing info-based station for beauty geeks & beauty-novices.

2. What do we need in your write-ups?

We mainly require the latest beauty-facts, new tricks & tips, beauty-hacks, beauty-workshops, beauty products, and beauty portals.

Moreover, we seek life-changing stories of life, which made you think and believe in your beauty for your betterment.

If you have any inspiring stories, please share them with us. But, stay oriented at a particular time of your life where you had an epic transformation.

“Remember, Every Person Is Beautiful In Their Own Way.

If you are still interested in our idea of write for us + guest author + “beauty,” then please keep scrolling.

3. The Official Guidelines – Beauty Write For Us

For every blog page, there are some specific guidelines, so for us.

Follow our rules and regulations before submitting them. We will meet you up with them soon.

They are:-

1. The post should deal with Health care, skincare, haircare, personal beauty regimen, and everything related to beauty.

2. Nothing off-topic.

3. Please do the article construction in American English.

4. No grammatical errors will be accepted.

5. The word count boundary is 600 to 1800.

6. The work should be authentic.

7. Please be aware of plagiarised sentences. We check all of our contents in Copy Scape first.

8. Please don’t submit any other sites’ circulating write-ups to us. Or you’ll be straightly disqualified.

9. Our main motive is to give knowledge to our readers. So, none of your content should only be based on promoting any product.

10. Please provide related pictures or videos.

11. Providing related internal links and outbound links of your blog or works will be helpful.

12. Try to write in an easy to understand tone.

13. Do not try to post any copyrighted images or excerpts from other sites.

P.S.:- Health Divine Tips reserves all the rights to edit and reject any content.

Beauty write for us + guest post

4. Finally, how will you send it to us?

What are you thinking about now? If you see yourself eligible enough for our Write for us “beauty” position, then grab the opportunity without any delay!

You need to mail it to us with your contact details, photo, and brief bio-data. Not to forget, please add beauty write for us and beauty guest post in your subject of the mailbox.

Trust in motto Sharing is Caring. We improve all together by sharing with the community of our readers.

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