Are Blue Light Glasses Effective in Protecting Eyes or Not?

Are blue light glasses effective in protecting eyes or not
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The Blue light glasses are one of the best inventions that has proved to be a boon for human eyes. What else can give your eyes so much comfort, protection as well as providing better visual clarity? Call them computer glasses, anti-blue light glasses, blue light glasses, or blue filter glasses.

Give them whatever name you wish, but you cannot deny that they do an amazing job for your eyes and maintain eye health.

We cannot avoid using digital devices like laptops, computers, mobiles, tablets, etc. and also cannot stop the blue light that comes from the screens of these electronic devices and gadgets.

Nor can we stop using such devices as we earn, live, connect, entertain, and do many things with them.

But the extended use of digital devices affects our eyes and body badly. For instance, a computer, which is used at our workplace and we devote 8 to 10 hours daily in front of it, even though blue light is disturbing our eyes and our health.

1. What makes Blue light glasses so popular?

What makes Blue light glasses so popular

It is not about being famous, and it is all about reaping and enjoying the benefits you derive from Blue light glasses. These glasses prevent the entry of blue light into the eyes by blocking blue light rays on the outer surface of the lenses themselves.

Thereby the blue light fails to enter the eyes and provide protection.

2. Let us talk about the benefits that Blue light glasses provide.

Anti-blue light glasses keep the eyes healthy and prevent the occurrence of eye-related problems. Otherwise, the eyes are prone to digital eye strain (called DES), stress, pain, weakness, redness, blurry vision, itchiness, etc. This can be followed by a headache, which is most commonly known as digital migraine or could be too severe and unbearable.

Besides affecting the eyes and causing tension in the muscles of the eyes and brain, this harmful blue light also disturbs the sleeping pattern. It is responsible for causing disturbed sleeping patterns. However, with anti-blue light glasses, the sleeping pattern is restored.

3. How Blue light glasses work?

The Blue light glasses consist of protecting layers on the surface of the lenses that are anti-blue light and anti-glare. That is, along with safeguarding eyes from blue light rays, the anti-blue light glasses also protect glares to the eyes.

This is also helpful while working on a computer where along with the blue light, the computer forms strong rays. Glares disturb the eyes by straining them to focus on the object.

Glares reduce vision clarity as the strong light reduces the ability to focus on the computer screen. This may cause difficulty in reading, blurry vision followed by a headache.

4. Can I buy prescription glasses that have an anti-blue light coating?

When you place your order online through eyewear manufacturers like Specscart, you have to upload your prescription on the website to buy prescription glasses. In case you do not have the latest prescription with you, then get your eye tested at home by booking an appointment for an ‘’eye test at home’’ at Specscart’s website.

When an expert optometrist comes at the scheduled time, he will test the eyes and hand over the prescription to you mentioned the power strength of glasses required to correct the vision disorders.

Besides, when you buy prescription glasses from Specscart, select the kind of lenses that you require, which include varifocal, photochromic, as well as the protective coating of anti-blue light blocking.

The glasses from Specscart can block 99.99% of both the blue light and glares and, at the same time, provide 30% enhanced vision clarity. So, log on to Specscart’s website now and avail of the ongoing discount while you select a pair of attractive frames from amongst the hundreds of stylish frames.

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