Energy Kicks Without Caffeine – This Is How You Wake Up In The Morning!

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5 Alternatives to Caffeine

Are you one of those morning muffins who only get going after several cups of coffee with Caffeine after getting up? There are alternatives. We present five decaffeinated filmmakers.

1. Light

The brightness helps your body wake up naturally in the morning. It is because light regulates melatonin production in the body.

If your bedroom does not flood with daylight in the morning, you can help with an alarm clock such as the Wake-up Light from Philips.

2. Cold Shower

Cold instead of the warm shower: cold water boosts the metabolism and makes persistent fatigue disappear in no time.

Cold Shower

Even if the idea sounds anything but tempting at first: A cold shower boosts the metabolism and also makes persistent fatigue disappear in an instant.

To get used to it slowly, you can gradually reduce the water temperature.

3. Drink

Instead of reaching for the coffee cup immediately after waking up, you should drink two large glasses of water.

It regulates your blood pressure and is much gentler on the digestion on an empty stomach.

Orange juice can also give a natural kick in the morning because citrus fruits are full of flavonoids, which promote alertness and attention.

Also, the vitamin C it contains gives a concentrated load of energy.

4. Music

Music boosts blood pressure and releases dopamine in the body – so a brisk playlist works better in the morning than any caffeine kick.

In addition to captivating pop and rock music, scientists recommend concertos by Bach and water music by Handel.

5. Sports

By exercising early in the morning, you give your brain more oxygen and boost your blood flow.

At first, you may need some extra motivation to exchange the cosy duvet for a pair of sneakers – but after just a few days, the difference will be noticeable.

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