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Fitness Closes Because Of Coronavirus – Best Apps For Home Work-out

In the times of the coronavirus, everyone has to cut back. Sports enthusiasts must also consider an alternative to the fitness centre.

Coronavirus measures are becoming ever stricter. Life is happening more and more at home now.

Shops or restaurants are closed in many cantons. So the doors to gyms remain closed. The risk of infection is too significant.

Fortunately, digitization has many advantages. If you don’t want to do without a workout, even in Coronavirus times, download one of the following seven digital helpers.

An app replaces the walk to the fitness centre.

1. Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness

She is the fitness queen of social media: Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines has launched the number one workout app for women with “Sweat.”

Together with other women, Itsines offers workouts, nutrition guides, and support to fit her app.

With their exuberant nature, the personal trainers manage to provide the users with the necessary training motivation that they need.

Google Play and App Store; Test for seven days free of charge, then a subscription must be taken out.

2. Adidas Training by Runtastic

  • If you want to build muscle, lose weight, burn fat, improve endurance, train your stomach, legs, and buttocks or become more confident. You can use the “Training by Runtastic” app from Adidas.
  • The training individually adapts to the goals, muscle group, and calendar. The focus is on fast and intensive workouts.
  • The duration of the training can be determined by yourself and is between seven and 45 minutes.

Google Play and App Store; free, in-app purchases possible.

3. Seven – 7 Minutes of Training

  • As with other apps, with “Seven,” the training plan is tailored to individual needs. The gender, the desired training frequency, and goals set.
  • The instructions for the short but intensive workouts are available in video format.
  • According to the app, seven minutes a day should lead to results. However, if you want to unlock more exercises, workout plans, and even detailed instructions from professionals, you have to pay around ten euros per month.

Google Play and App Store; free, in-app purchases possible.

4. 8fit Fitness & Nutrition Plan

  • Exercises with 8fit do not require additional equipment. You sweat only with your body weight.
  • The workouts, which are explained by video, are mostly gentle. After completing a workout, users must indicate when they want to train next time.
  • So you can decide when there is time for a training session. Registration in the app is free of charge, and the pro version costs every month, depending on the type of billing.

Google Play and App Store; free, in-app purchases possible.

5. 30 Days Fitness Challenge

  • So that there is something for everyone, the “30 Day Fitness Challenge” app offers different levels of difficulty.
  • From beginners to professionals, nobody neglected. The challenge begins as soon as it is set: 30 days with different exercises every day.
  • It can also set to remind you of the challenges every day. The app is free of charge, and you have to endure advertising.

Google Play and App Store; free, in-app purchases possible.

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