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It Curls Beautifully – The Perm Is Rolling Again

Making curls with a flat iron or other hot devices is time-consuming, nerve-wracking, and harmful to the hair. You can take care of the curls in your sleep and without any heat. Use the following five methods to conjure up the perfect hairstyle overnight.

1. With Straws to Small Curls

If you like tiny, beautiful curls, you can use straws. It is a bit confusing at first, but they are secret beauty items.

That’s How It Works:

  • Wet the hair and separate it into small strands.
  • Spray hairspray on it.
  • Wind up the individual strands on a straw.
  • Then tie the straws into a knot.
  • Remove the straws in the morning and fix the curls with hairspray.

2. With Braided Hairstyles to Create Even Curls

With braids, you can also conjure up a beautiful curly head. There are no hard and fast rules about what type of braid or how many of them it needs to be.

A single braided French braid creates natural, small waves. With two braids, on the other hand, you get particularly smooth curls.

You have to keep in mind is that the more braids you make, the more waves you get.

3. With Snails to Voluminous Curls

So-called hair snails can also help to create curly hair overnight. To do this, divide the hair into two even sections. Then turn the strands into buns and attach them directly to the head.

You can also make several small mini-buns. To do this, divide your hair into any number of sections that you wind into small snail shells.

Leave wrapped overnight to sleep, open in the morning, and fix with hairspray. The successful hairstyle finished!

4. With Socks to Soft Waves

To curl with socks? That’s working! There are two variants of how you can use footwear as a curl master.

Cut off the toes of the socks and roll them up into a doughnut. Then tie the hair into a high ponytail and pull it through the sock pillow.

Then wrap the tips around the curl once. Then pull it out through the opening. Last step: roll the whole thing down – and a bun made! But if you don’t want to cut your socks, you can use them as a whole piece.

That’s How It Works:

    • Cut off a strand and moisten it with a little water.
    • If your hair does not hold curls well, you can add a little lather to your hair.
    • Twist the sock into the hair, starting at the tips of the hair until it reaches the base.
    • Connect the sock to a knot. Attention: Do this in the opposite direction!
    • Repeat this step until all of your hair wrapped in socks.
    • Remove the socks in the morning and fix the curls with hairspray.

5. With Aluminum Foil to Super Curls

Something everyone has at home: super curls can make with aluminium foil. It can quickly transform into papillotes. The rest of it then works as usual.

That’s How It Works:

  • Cut a ten centimetre long and half a centimetre full piece of aluminium foil.
  • Roll up the film, so that small rolls (similar to papillots) create.
  • Divide the hair into strands and wrap it around the self-made aluminium foil sticks.
  • In the morning, remove the aluminium foil and fix the curls with hairspray.
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