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What Are The Top 5 Different Types Of Ultrasound Scans?

Ultrasound has added a new direction to the medical industry. It is a type of sound wave that comes with a higher frequency and its physical properties are used. It creates an image of the inner body parts of a person which helps in determining different symptoms and ailments present in the human body. The point of care ultrasound training is an important course to train the health experts about the fundamentals of ultrasound.

It enhances the hands-on experience for better treatment. It is also known as sonography which uses a tiny transducer to transmit sound waves in the body, recording the echo back sounds.

1. Different types of ultrasound

  • Abdominal ultrasound: The most common and important sound is abdominal ultrasound. The human liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and kidney can be examined with the help of abdominal ultrasound. It can help in diagnosing different types of human ailments, providing real-time images. This technology helps in identifying the cause of enlargement of any abdominal organ. Any blockage, blood clot, or congenital malformation can be diagnosed with the help of abdominal ultrasound.
  • Pelvic ultrasound imaging: This is another popular method of ultrasound that is used for examining different types of issues with the bladder, ovary, prostate gland, etc. Pelvic ultrasound imaging can diagnose a wide range of conditions like ovarian cysts, menstrual disease, kidney and bladder issues, abdominal bleeding, etc.
  • Transvaginal ultrasound: The point of care ultrasound training also focuses on transvaginal ultrasound. A patient who is dealing with different transvaginal issues can take the help of ultrasound training. The doctor takes images through ultrasound from various angles to make sure the treatment is done properly. Gynecologic examination becomes easier with the help of transvaginal ultrasound.
  • Transrectal: Performing ultrasound on the prostate gland is no more a tough task with the help of this latest technology. A transducer is slowly inserted through the rectum and the sound waves travel inside the prostate. It is covered with the help of a protective cover and lubrication is used for smooth insertion. The patient lies down on their left side and bends their knees up towards their chest.
  • Obstetric ultrasound: In this process, the sound waves visualize the condition of a pregnant woman. Obstetric ultrasound is mainly used to determine different stages of pregnancy. To determine the position of the placenta, and fetus, or diagnose congenital abnormalities, anything can be diagnosed with the help of obstetric ultrasound.

2. Conclusion

The point-of-care ultrasound training is essential for anyone eager to build a career in this field. Taking training from the right training center is important to building a solid career. But patients who are planning for an ultrasound should always choose a trusted diagnostic center.

Getting diagnosed from the right place is important as without the proper diagnosis right treatment is not possible. The right ultrasound can be useful in the detection of various serious diseases like kidney stones, tumors, or cysts. Choosing the right diagnostic center, therefore, can be a lifetime decision.

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