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Heel Pain In The Foot – How To Prevent The It?

Heel Pain

Pain in the foot: It is normal to wear wrong shoes, but other more severe causes should exclude. Podiatrists recommend Whether you wear high-heeled shoes or flip flops or your footwear, it is undoubtedly among 10 percent of the population that suffers from heel pain, medically known as talalgia.

It is a condition that can make walking difficult. With Dr. Pilar Nieto, vice president of the Illustrious Official College of Podiatrists of the Valencian Community (ICOPCV), spoke to find out what are its causes and solutions.

1. What Are the Causes of Heel Pain in the Foot?

The most mutual reason is plantar fasciitis, but not the only one. It can also be due to these disorders if it occurs on the plant:

a. Calcaneal Spur

  • It is bone growth that occurs in normal bone.
  • Atrophy or inflammation of plantar fat: Fat loss occurs typically naturally as we get older, especially in women, and especially when they wear high heels.

b. Tendonitis

  • It is the injury to a tendon (the tissue that connects the muscle to the bone) and causes pain and inflammation.


c. Baxter Nerve Entrapment

  • Also known as Baxter neuropathy, although it is a little-known pathology, it is the reason for a large percentage of people who suffer from heel pain in the foot.
  • It causes the “inclusion” of the first branch of the lateral plantar nerve.
  • Severe Talalgia It causes by inflammation of the heel growth cartilage: it is one of the most common diseases that cause heel pain in children.

d. Bursitis

  • It is caused by inflammation of the pouch, a small bag that protects and cushions bones, muscles, tendons, or skin.

2. What Shoes Do We Wear?

Among the external causes, your shoes may be behind the heel pain. Like Dr. Pilar Nieto, she says that shoes with inadequate design, not very flexible, without padding, without support, or with excessive heel pressure can cause pathologies and complaints in the future.

3. Your Weight Also Affects

  • Other causes that represent a risk factor and predispose to heel pain in the foot are obesity, changes in profile, and sports activities in the foot, such as. B. Running.
  • In people who operate the triceps sural muscle, which made up of twins and the sural muscle, it can be removed as the race forces to work, increases in volume, but loses length. It can cause pain.

Your Weight Also Affects

4. How to Prevent Heel Pain in the Foot?

There are many preventions to heal the pain in the Foot:

  • Annual review: Dr. Pilar Nieto recalls that “when checking with a podiatrist, the specialist in diagnosing and treating foot problems, it is important to do a profile study and to know what our foot is like and how we step on it.”
  • Using insoles: Conditional on your footprint, it may be advisable to wear specific insoles or shoes for everyday use.
  • Healthy and balanced diet: It is also essential to pay attention to our weight to avoid that excess can cause heel pain.
  • Middle paragraph: Nothing happens because he occasionally wears high heels but does not abuse them. It recommends that your foot is well supported.
  • Stretching before running: It is also crucial for athletes to extend according to the discipline they are exercising. And follow a physical activity routine.
  • Heel pain: It depends on the type of injury and the stage it is in. In principle, “traditional treatments are made with anti-inflammatory or analgesic medicines, stretching, and insoles.

5. When Should We Worry?

We should worry if the symptoms do not disappear after resting or taking the medications given, as they can be anti-inflammatory. If the heel pain persists after a week, we should consult a podiatrist again.

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