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These Foods Help Against Sore Muscles – There Is No Pain After Exercise

Have you just started fitness again, and the sore muscles after training are unbearable?

Proper warm-up and extensive stretching are essential to have no sore muscles after an intensive sports session.

Proper nutrition also plays a fundamental role. Protein-rich foods and beverages help against sore muscles.

Read here which foods and drinks you should include in your menu.

1. Sore Muscles Do Not Stop at Experienced Athletes

Anyone who starts a new sport is guaranteed to have sore muscles after training.

  • “But also athletes who regularly turn their training program upside-down, test new exercises, or push themselves to the limit, feel sore muscles.”
  • What is behind the pain after exercise? Small injuries occur in the muscles during intensive training.
  • Small inflammations develop in the muscle tissue, which can cause the muscle to swell slightly through the penetration of water, as the expert goes on to say.
  • Even the body of an unsporting person gets used to the sport incredibly quickly. The first sore muscle after training is severe.
  • After the fourth training session, you can still feel every muscle, but it is no longer a pain.

2. Warm-up and Stretch Well Before Training

  • As a preventive measure, it can help to pay attention to the diet to avoid sore muscles.
  • “The better the body nourished in everyday life, the more resilient it is, of course, even when exercising,” says the nutritionist.
  • Foods with a relatively high protein content are beneficial since proteins are the building blocks of the muscles.
  • “Also, a lot of vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and now and then a fruit lead to improved athletic performance and regeneration afterwards.”
  • An insider tip: Wheatgrass helps on a fundamental basis. It is available in powder form or capsule in the health food store.
  • And the sports trainer advises warming up and stretching well before training. Then help a warm bath or, in the winter, the sauna. Also, promote regeneration, do a warm-cold shower.

3. Rely on Proteins

If it is already too late, the tips mentioned above, if not taken into account during training, and muscle soreness, threaten, then we advise you to use proteins after the sport.

“As building blocks of the muscles, they help greatly in the regeneration of muscle tissue after a load.” The expert recommends the following foods:

  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • flesh
  • tofu
  • lenses
  • Chickpeas

Of course, the body’s protein requirements can also be with shakes as well.

The quality varies greatly here. The currently very trendy protein puddings, for example, should rather be seen as luxury foods.

4. Beware of the Protein Products in Stores

Protein is particularly important for the muscles. However, the expert would not rely on the different protein products that are available in stores.

“Protein bars or puddings may be useful for the muscles, but they are not for digestion.”

Often, consuming such products would cause gas and digestive problems. It is due to the incredible amount of sweeteners it contains.

The same applies to whey protein, which forms the basis of many shakes.

5. Tips Against Sore Muscles

  • Always warm up well personally. Only when you are hot should you complete the sports session.
  • In terms of nutrition, the sports trainer tries to get everything right: “Take wheatgrass capsules regularly.” They are not only incredibly healthy but would also help against sore muscles.
  • Sleeping well is also of great importance.
  • A warm bath or a sauna visit can also help against muscle soreness, according to the experts.
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