A Glass Of Wine Is Allowed – Wine Makes You Beautiful And Healthy

The right drop at the end of a long day is not only a blessing for the soul but, when drunk in bulk, even has a positive effect on health. Red Wine has some health benefits if you don’t overdo it.

1. How Much is Good?

You can only hope for a positive effect if you don’t drink too much. You are healthy if you drink no more than 20 grams of alcohol – that is, 0.15 litres of wine a day – as a middle-aged woman and no more than 30 grams, or 0.25 litres of wine, as a man.

2. White Wine, Rose, or Red Wine?

According to nutritional, medical studies, alcohol increases the “good” HDL cholesterol in the blood and prevents blood clots. It doesn’t matter which type of it you prefer.

3. Red Wine Can Do More

It contains a much higher content of bioactive ingredients and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and D.

  • Antioxidants that slow down cell ageing mainly found in the skin of the grapes – which also used in the production of red wine.
  • White wine, however, is made without skin, if possible. Also, the production of rose grapes is not tied to the skin for long in the production of red wine.
  • While it is stored, the vitamins decrease, but this is slowed down by the acidity in the wine.

4. A Glass of Wine for Figure

  1. Drinking a glass of wine before bed can help you lose weight. It is shown by studies carried out at Washington State University and Harvard University.
  2. Enjoying a glass of it in the evening can help prevent nightly cravings for food. Late night meals increase the risk of weight gain because the intestines do not work as well overnight as during the day.
  3. It also contains the digestive substance resveratrol, a substance that has a positive effect on the composition of blood lipids and prevents fat cells from growing.

5. Look Younger With Wine

Drink it to smooth out wrinkles? It sounds like a real dream! The resveratrol contained in the grapes is also a powerful antioxidant.

With its help, skin ageing can combat, and wrinkles reduced. So if you drink a glass of it every day, you can leave your wrinkle cream in the closet.

6. Wine Against Tooth Decay

According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, regular use of glass can prevent dangerous bacteria from spreading in the mouth.

Because it kills these bacteria, bacteria can cause dental problems, including tooth decay.

7. Good for the Heart and Circulation

  • The daily glass of it increases blood circulation. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases – by as much as 25 per cent compared to an abstainer.
  • The risk of a heart attack notably reduce. Moderate consumption has a positive effect on the composition of blood lipids.
  • It helps to break down the harmful LDL cholesterol and also enlarges the arteries.
  • Also, the risk of thrombosis reduces because the alcohol in it improves blood flow and blood clotting.
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