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Keeping Your Nails Healthy in a Harsh World

A special kind of confidence comes with having a healthy, strong set of nails on your hands. Whether you are someone who sticks with a classic polish French manicure, or the kind of person who enjoys their dip powders, well-manicured nails are an integral part of feeling neat and put together. Today’s manicures are getting healthier.

Still, the filing, removal, and products can take their toll. Not to mention your day-to-day habits, which can degrade your nail beds and cause unhealthy or unsightly nails. Keeping your nails in superior shape is one of the most worthwhile investments you can put your energy into.

It is common knowledge that hair and nails are composed of keratin proteins, making sense that the same treatment rules apply. Hair and nails become dehydrated and damaged in the same kind of ways from similar over-processing.

Frequent manicures, wear and tear, and lack of nutrition will break down your nails faster than anything else. Operating as though your hair and nails are the same can keep them in top shape over time once the habit develops.

1. Choose a Safe Manicure

Salon professionals have learned that the popular 80s acrylic manicures are damaging and sometimes toxic. Though ingredients are now regulated, for example, formaldehyde is no longer allowed, the industry is not policed as much as you’d hope, and some low-quality acrylic products slip through. The acrylic process also leaves room for bacterial growth, best avoided with many of today’s other manicure options.

Opt for either traditional polish or dip powder, the two healthiest options in today’s salons. Gel or shellac is fine too. Just be aware the UV light required is harsh, and use should be kept to a minimum. You can always wear sunscreen or fingerless gloves during the light portion of the manicure.

2. Choose a Quality Nail Product

The ingredients that are included or not included will affect the health of your nail long term. Ask your salon what brand they are going to use on your nails and do your homework.

The well-known brands like SNS Nails or OPI will have the best ingredients overall. SNS, in particular, wins stellar marks in this department.

Every SNS product is specifically engineered to build the natural nail’s health and strength with zero toxic chemicals. Their dips are odour-free and non-allergenic, vegan, and are not tested on animals.

Their dip powder and gel polish lines even include specific nutrients and vitamins for nail health. All SNS Products are skin-safe, free from any harmful chemical that may break down the nail.

3. Moisturize the Nails

Using a top-of-the-line moisturizer is one of the most well-known secrets to having healthy nails but is often overlooked in many beautiful areas. If you are someone whose nails are dry and brittle from receiving too many manicures, this is usually a cry-out for moisturizer.

This should be the cornerstone of your nail care routine. This can be as simple as giving your nail beds a little extra attention when applying hand moisturizer.
Don’t Bother Your Cuticles.

Like so many people, you probably cut, push back, or try to get rid of your cuticles altogether. Still, it is important to understand that cuticles are not the enemy finally. A cuticle acts as the nail’s protective seal.

If you mess with your cuticle, it can do more harm than good because it will remove that coat defending your nail bed from the germs and bacteria outside, risking infection. Instead of removing your cuticles, it is recommended to strengthen them instead of using creams and oils. Be sure your manicurist only gently pushes or trims them when necessary.

4. Avoid Too Much Water

That does not mean you should quit cleaning your hands or showering completely; rather, it suggests being more mindful of how often you allow your nails to come into contact with water. Excessive water contact can weaken the overall nail structure.

The pin acts like a sponge, being over a thousand more times absorbent than skin. Excessive water exposure puts extreme strain on our delicate nails, leading to brittleness, breakage, and peeling.

5. Gentle is Best

The best nail care is gentle care. Do not invasively dig at your nails to remove the dirt and grime that has built up over time, for starters.

Doing this separates the nail plate from the bed and will lead to bacterial infection due to the separation. Also, you must resist the urge to use your nails as replacement tools, even if it saves you time and energy.

Something else people do to hurt their nails is improperly removing their manicures. If you force gel or powder on your nail, you remove the nail layers, which may permanently damage your nails.

6. Patience

Suppose you are someone who chronically bites their nails, then you know what a huge payoff it is to grow your nail out past your fingertip finally. Strong, healthy habits and a good amount of patience pay off in the world of nail care.

But your focus should be on how to develop and maintain healthy nails, not grow them as fast as possible. Strong nails lead to long nails, as experts say. When battling with breakage and brittle nails, keeping them trimmed well maintained will reinforce them over time until they are strong enough to grow longer.

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