Avoid These 8 Sneaky Mistakes While Doing Makeup

We know by now that makeup can be a double-edged sword, which also favours mistakes while doing makeup that damages your look. And, although today, thanks to the Internet, we have more possibilities to learn how to make up in a flattering way.

Therefore, it is likely that if we follow a daily makeup routine without too much time, we have not noticed regular makeup mistakes that we have been making for a long time. It is always better to find out in this way and not as the famous do.

1. Applying Makeup in the Wrong Light

  • As a rule, you put Makeup on in the bathroom, which illuminated with artificial light. This usually warm light is unsuitable for getting a good tone when priming.
  • Because if you step into daylight, the Makeup will quickly look too orange or dark.
  • The solution? If you are in daylight, you should also put on your Makeup sunlight. Stand with a hand mirror in a room filled with natural light and prepare yourself there.

2. Not Using the Concealer Properly

  • Concealers can cover dark eye shadows as well as unwanted pimples. But if you are too good with the concealer, as with the foundation, it quickly becomes unsightly in the wrinkles.
  • Concealer only belongs in the corner of the eye. The outer edge of the eye should not benefit from concealer, and there it could mainly settle in the wrinkles.
  • When applying, make sure that the miracle drug used only below the eyes. The concealer should then be worked in with light tapping.

3. Forgetting the Neck

  • When it comes to Makeup applying, many women leave their necks in the hustle and bustle.
  • It is essential to apply Makeup there, too, because the skin tone on our face is usually very different from the tone of our neck.
  • It is often a little lighter. Tip: A sponge ensures that the foundation is well blended.

4. Applying the Wrong Lipstick

  • If you suffer from dry lips, you should not use matte lipstick. It removes even more moisture from the sensitive skin.
  • It looks ugly: the lipstick settles in the wrinkles and flakes of the lips. Cracks become all the more visible, and the mouth appears less voluminous.
  • If you want to put on one of the trendy matt lipsticks, take care of your lips before applying the colour. A peeling removes dead flakes. Then apply lip care and let it soak in.

5. Using Too Much Blush

  • If you overdo it with the blush, it quickly looks unfavourable. Thick rouge beams are a thing of the 80s and 90s but no longer an issue in the 2020s.
  • The same rule applies here: it is better to apply less, apply more colour, later you can.
  • For the makeup to land in the right place, the best thing to do is smile. The colour should be applied to the cheeks that then form.
  • It is best to place the brush on the cheek at the level of the pupil. Then pull back slightly towards the ear.

6. Emphasizing the Eyebrows Too Much

  • Thick and bushy eyebrows a la Cara Delevingne are still famous. Those who have not been blessed with such by nature like to fill up with colour.
  • But caution is required here: If you use an eyebrow pencil that is too dark or draws too much over the edges, your eyebrows will quickly appear hard and unnatural.
  • Never trace the entire brow, only individual hairs. Make sure that you dab and blur the paint selectively.
  • Everything should look natural. And the colour of your eyebrows should at best be a shade darker than the tone of your hair.
  • Otherwise, the frame of your face, as eyebrows also, looks very unnatural.

7. Exaggerating With Mascara

  • Mascara is one of the essential parts of the beauty routine. Under no circumstances should it be missing.
  • It happens to many women the eyelashes clumped together when mascara applied daily. And Lumps form, which makes the eyelashes look like fly legs.
  • The next time you use your mascara, make sure that you attach the brush directly to the lash line and apply the colour with a zigzag movement.

8. Wrong Order

  • First, the foundation and then the concealer or vice versa? What was that again? If you keep asking yourself this, maybe you should write a manual.
  • Because of the different products applied to the face in the wrong order, the end result might not be advantageous.
  • Remember: the concealer comes to the foundation. Only then will it hold and take effect. Put it under the foundation, wipe it off immediately.
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