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What If My Snack Was A Broth?

Broth: Are you at work? Your body (and mind) asks you to drink something so that the energy does not drop. Have you thought about having a jug of broth on the table? If it sounds strange to you, read this week’s article and in the end, tell me.

A few days ago, Gloria, a student of my program, told me how her experience is after accepting a leading advertising company. You are happy professionally, but you detect specific “side effects” that you did not have. We will know your experience in the first person:

1. “I Feel Intoxicated.”

“I had always dreamed of working in a place like this … and I finally got it! I work in an international, leading, and dynamic advertising agency.

I joined 6 months ago, and I’m doing my best to keep up. I am happy with what I bring to my work, but I see that I have put aside everything related to taking care of myself by putting all my focus on it.

“I took great care of myself, but I have changed my habits with work stress.”

I eat with many disorders; I drink a lot of coffee, throw candy, and stimulate sodas on my work table. I was used to protecting myself much more, and with the stress of this job break, I have neglected so much that now I feel “intoxicated.”

Also, I’ve gotten fat! I have promised myself to return to a more careful diet in a couple of months when I finish the project I have in hand, but I need to do something from now on to help me feel cleaner inside.

But the truth is, I don’t know how to cope with my daily frenetic rhythm with a better diet. ”

2. Why a Broth “Saves Your Life.”

Although we look the other way, each bite and each sip of what we eat each day counts to add or subtract health.

I know from experience that there are hours when we forget everything, and even if we are aware that we are neglecting our health, we travel a lot or are so immersed in some projects, we do not know how to combine everything.

Therefore, today I share with Gloria and all of you something that can help in those periods: the broths.
The broth is appropriate food to drink at all hours and at all times of the year. If we get used to it, little by little, we can substitute the soft drinks that accompany the main meals, the mid-afternoon snacks, for a good broth.

The broth, at room temperature and sipped throughout the day, gives you “healthy energy.”

The broth hydrates us since it is water. It provides us with nutrients and mineral salts, depending on the ingredients we use. This change will help us tone the digestive system, detoxify, and feel better.

We can prepare the broth a couple of times a week and store it in the fridge in a glass jug. Thus, we only have to heat it and voila!

And the great trick is: take your broth in a thermos to work. You will see that it feels good if you drink between meals because it will provide you with beneficial nutrients that replenish your wear, hydrate you and clean you!

3. Ingredients That Liven Up Your Broths

The broth can contain as many ingredients as our imagination allows us. We will use common sense to avoid very dense or poorly digestive broths. We can ask ourselves, what do I need today? And we will go to look at our “broth list.”

Water: We will use filtered water or mineral water; we will always provide the best quality.

Miso: It is a product of the fermentation of soybeans; it is added at the end of the broth cooking. It provides digestive enzymes and regulates intestinal flora.

Kombu Seaweed: It is placed directly in the pot, and the rest of the ingredients are placed on top. Remineralizes and adds flavour. It is purifying the nervous system.

Daikon: It’s a giant turnip—a very appropriate remedy against obesity. If we grate it in our broth, it will help us lose weight.

Root vegetables: being sweet, they regulate blood glucose and strengthen the body. This type of broth helps to calm the craving for sweets between meals.

Ginger: the size of a coin is added, and we leave it throughout the cooking; it helps to mobilize digestive stagnation.

4. The Double Effect of a “Detox” Broth

I propose ideas of broths for you to prepare for the first weeks of your new goal. Then, with these bases, start improvising, you will indeed create excellent combinations:

Artichoke Broth

Purifying activates the functions of the liver and gallbladder—ingredients: onion, artichokes, water, 1st pressure olive oil.

Celery Broth: Purifying, diuretic, and slimming. It does not need salt.

Ingredients: onion, celery, water, flaked nori seaweed, 1st pressure olive oil.

Root vegetable broth (turnip, carrot, parsnip ): Stabilizes blood glucose, combats craving for sweets. Ideal for cold winter days.

Ingredients: onion, turnip, carrot and parsnip, water, sea salt or Shoyu, 1st pressure olive oil.

Celery, cabbage, and turnip broth:

It is a purifying diuretic. Its sweet touch helps us with hypoglycemia.

Ingredients: onion, celery, cabbage, turnip, water, sea salt, 1st pressure olive oil.

Daikon broth and shiitake mushrooms:

I am highly purifying, ideal for eliminating toxins, slimming.

Ingredients: dried daikon, shiitake mushrooms, kombu seaweed, Shoyu, and water.

Kombu seaweed broth: Remineralizing and purifying.

Ingredients: raw vegetables (onion, leek, celery, carrot, turnip), kombu seaweed, Shoyu, and water.

Classic miso broth: Remineralizing, alkalizing, and digestive.

Ingredients: onion, celery, water, carrot, barley miso (not pasteurized), and wakame seaweed.

5. Extra “Truquitos.”

Express broth: We can store the cooking water for our vegetables (artichokes, pumpkin ) in the fridge. It is ideal as a base broth for cooking or to drink between meals.

With the heat, add some lemon slices to your broths, some fresh mint or basil leaves, and you will have a delicious refreshment.

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