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Will You Obtain The Coronavirus Vaccine When It’s Available?

Coronavirus Vaccine: A survey reveals that 74% are willing to get the vaccine as soon as it is available. However, the majority believe that it will not arrive in 2020—those who think it is not because of fear of unknown effects.

Coronavirus Vaccine takes shape, that we are getting closer to having a vaccine against Covid-19. Several are already in advanced stages, such as Moderna, Oxford, or Janssen, which will soon be rehearsed in Spain.

However, when we finally have a Coronavirus Vaccine that works, will we want to get it? Learning by the consulting firm Ipsos in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF) indicates that it is.

1. Ready to Vaccinate Us

The outcome of the study indicates that we are eager to regain normalcy. 74% of the people asked worldwide say that if the vaccine against Covid-19 were already available, they would get it.

In Europe, only Great Britain surpasses us, with 85% of the population favouring vaccination. In China, where the pandemic started, 97% of people want to get vaccinated as soon as possible. 72% are willing to get vaccinated

In general, people who would get the vaccine far outnumber those who would not (there is a 50 point difference in 12 of the 27 countries surveyed). Those who show the most reluctance are the Russians. Only 54% of the people are in favour.

2. Main Questions About Vaccination

Asked about why they would not get the vaccine yet, most (56%) show concern about its side effects. What worries most is the side effects.

The next reason the population expresses for not getting vaccinated is doubts about the first vaccines’ effectiveness. 29% worldwide do not believe that they are effective. Third, some people believe they are not at risk enough to get vaccinated.

3. When Will Coronavirus Vaccine Be Available?

One of the significant doubts around vaccines is when we can have them. The race for a safe vaccine yields promising results, and some are in the late stages of trials.

A few weeks ago, the Russian government announced the first vaccine’s approval developed in its country, although it has raised doubts among experts. However, most people surveyed, 59%, do not believe that the vaccine will be available this 2020.

Pessimism is even greater among 64% who do not expect the vaccine to arrive before the end of the year. The Chinese are the most optimistic. Only 13% do not believe that we will have a vaccine in 2020.

4. The Oxford Vaccine, the First We Will Get

The AstraZeneca laboratory vaccine being developed by researchers at the University of Oxford is probably the first to arrive in our country. The vaccine, which is a double dose, is currently between phases 2 and 3 of development.

The Ministry of Health has acquired 30 million doses of this vaccine through the agreement it has with the European Union to make a centralized purchase of vaccines.

5. WHO Warns of Precipitation Coronavirus Vaccine

The rapid development of vaccines, political pressure to be the first to have them and the acceleration of processes have raised questions about their effectiveness.

A group of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that rushing to obtain vaccines can even be harmful.

“There is a danger that political and economic pressures for the rapid introduction of a Covid-19 vaccine could lead to the widespread deployment of a vaccine that is only weakly effective (for example, reduce the incidence of Covid-19 by only 10-20%), perhaps due to a deceptively promising result from a low powered trial,” they warn.

An efficiency below 50% is not recommended.

Ideally, the vaccine should be more than 70% effective and administered in a single dose. However, the WHO indicated as early as April that 50% efficacy in two amounts would be acceptable.

A less effective vaccine, WHO experts say, “could worsen the Covid-19 pandemic if authorities mistakenly assume that it causes a substantial reduction in risk, or if vaccinated people mistakenly believe they are immune, which is it would reduce the implementation or compliance with other Covid-19 control measures”.

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