How to Not Lose Your Fitness Level During Pandemic

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We all are aware that the pandemic has forced most people into their homes. There is no certainty to the closing and opening of shops and gyms in your area. This means you will end up forced to take workout breaks which are bad for your fitness level.

It takes time to build up fitness, and if you take a long pause, you may have to start from the beginning and slowly reach the current fitness level. If you are conscious about this and do not want to lose your fitness level, you can do a few things about it, which we have listed below.

1. Get a Few Gym Equipments at Home:

If you have space available in your home and can afford to get a few types of equipment, you can always buy them. There are cheaper pieces of equipment you can get, such as dumbbells and resistance bands. Using this, you can work out every muscle of your body if you know the right exercises.

You can use a bench at home as your gym bench and do many workouts. Get a mat too to incorporate floor workouts into your routine. Another piece of equipment you can get is a stepper that will help you with the cardio workout. If you have stairs at home, you can use them as a stepper too.

2. Try Out Les Mills on Demand:

Les Mills on Demand is a trendy live group class from New-Zealand based creators. It is a web-based workout service that is available on your smart devices.

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They have more than 1000 streaming workout classes that range from 15 to 55 minutes in length and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This is why it is known as a workout on demand. They have so many workout options that you will not lose your fitness level if you follow them.

3. Use your Society’s Gym If There is One:

If you live in an apartment complex with a gym, you can visit that if it is open. They may not have as many types of equipment as your paid gym, but you will still find decent workout machines to help you work out.

4. Train with Group Online:

The pandemic has increased the number of online workout classes. You will find endless options, and you can choose one which suits your fitness level and timings. You can make a group of your own with your gym friends so that you can keep each other motivated and finish your sets.

This also gives you the chance to socialize with others during the pandemic when physically meeting people is restricted. Hence, this takes care of your mental health too.

5. The Bottom Line:

Remember that before the gym existed, people did other things to stay fit. If you can incorporate some of the tips discussed above in your life, you can hold on to your fitness level and even increase it until you get back to your gym.

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