Relax And Open Your Pelvis With This Simple Exercise

Pelvis: This yoga posture stretches the spine and pelvis muscles, the basis for achieving a healthy body posture and preventing back pain.

Today’s lifestyle leads to prolonged sitting, which immobilizes the hip muscles and can even cause pain. Also, many women regularly cross their legs, creating an imbalance in the spine that leads to a contraction of the lumbar muscle.

On the other hand, as in the joints of the hips, the union of the trunk with the legs occurs; to maintain body balance, we tend to unconsciously tense the bones, especially when changing posture.

If this tension is not released, it accumulates in the buttocks, thighs, belly, groin, and lower back.

1. Release Tension From the Pelvis

Therefore, it is highly advisable to get used to stretching the hip’s internal ligaments through some simple exercise, although always taking special care if you suffer a lumbar injury.

Sometimes a deep therapeutic massage is even advisable to help relieve muscle stiffness.

The practice of yoga, with its stretches, push-ups, stretches, and twists, is an excellent way to keep toned, flexible and unblocked hips.

This discipline was developed to stay in the lotus position for hours and hours while meditating, for which agile, unblocked, and very healthy hips are required. These are some examples of exercises to open and release the hips so that you can meditate more comfortably.

More passively, Thai massage also offers these benefits.

Twists, like this seated twist, help prevent the shortening of the rotator muscles in the hips. And postures like “bow” or “dove” provide a stretch of the iliopsoas.

2. Yoga Stretch to Open the Hip

The posture decorates in this article acts as a true pelvic massage, helping to relax the hips and surrounding thew. In gymnastics, it is known as Supta Baddha Konasana or leans back Goddess Pose, although it is sometimes called the raised butterfly pose:

  • Prepare a couple of folded blankets to rest the back and head.
  • Sit with your hips open and feet together, and slowly lean back.
  • You can place some support (a book, for example) under each knee if you feel more comfortable: the pelvis opens more if there is no tension.
  • Relax your whole body, and stay that way for at least 3 minutes. This pose is great for relieving menstrual pain.
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