How To Declare War On Belly Fat? – 5 Tips To Reduce

Belly fat
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How do you get rid of the unwanted cushion belly fat around the middle of your body?

One of the most popular questions in weight loss is after fighting belly fat. Most even want visible abs – the beloved six-pack. Health also benefits from a flat stomach.

But can you lose weight on the belly and get rid of the stubborn bacon rolls and their unpopular belly circumference in the long run? With the right strategy from sports and nutrition, it can work.

1. What Are the 5 Tips Against Belly Fat?

a. Low-fat Diet

A balanced, healthy, and preferably low-fat diet helps reduce body weight and thus also lose weight on the stomach.

b. Abdominal Exercises

Targeted abdominal muscle exercises make the muscles in this area better trained and firmer.

Abdominal Exercises

It will not automatically lead to the famous six-pack; this is impossible without a fundamental change in diet.

But abdominal training also has a positive side effect that improves our posture.

c. No Alcohol

The waiver or at least the reduction of alcoholic beverages can help to reduce abdominal circumference.

d. Endurance Training

Exercise in the endurance area increases the metabolic activity of the body and also helps to reduce abdominal circumference.

e. High-intensity Interval Training

There is evidence that high-intensity interval training has a very positive effect on reducing belly fat.

However, this requires healthy heart function, and functional fitness with healthy joints is also essential.

2. How Can You Calculate Belly Circumference?

Of course, there is also a guideline regarding abdominal circumference, which you should adhere to as a health-conscious person.

Belly Circumference

If you measure your belly circumference, you will quickly notice that these values are not very generous.

  • Women should make sure that the circumference does not increase with a value between 80 and 88 cm.
  • The same applies to men with a value between 94 and 102 cm. If your scope is above these values, caution advised.
  • These can trigger a heart attack, diabetes, vascular diseases, and other diseases. Even a reduction of just a few centimetres helps to reduce the risk significantly.

3. How to Measure Waist Circumference?

Incidentally, the value is measured without clothing, precisely at the navel. The tape measure covers this.

Make sure that it lies horizontally and loosely stretched around the body. During the measurement, you should neither pull your stomach in nor actively stretch it out or let it hang.

4. How Do You Get Rid of Those Annoying Love Handles?

  • It’s not that easy. Our body decides when and where it wants to lose weight. We cannot force the authority to do so.
  • Our body shape and proper proportions are partly genetically determined, specifically losing fat on the belly, which always goes hand in hand with holistic weight loss.

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