What Do You Know About Bowspring Yoga?

Bowspring Yoga
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Bowspring Yoga is here. An option that improves posture cultivates attention and enhances health

1. How to get started

The yogini recommends that students face the practice under the tutelage of a qualified teacher and commit to attending a minimum of 10 hours spread over several weeks.

Once the beginner phase is over, you can do 30 minutes a day at home (you need to win and a mat) and attend two weekly classes of 1 hour.

It is enough to change the postural pattern that you had acquired and modify your evolutionary path.

What will you achieve in the long term? There is a substantial increase in vitality, mental attention, and compassion towards oneself and the world.

2. How Bowspring Yoga Arose?

Bowspring Yoga was born in Denver (USA) in 2013 by Desi Springer and John Friend, its founders, who continue to refine the system today.

But what difference does this modality make? The poses are dynamic and light, respecting and enhancing the natural curves of the back and body and activating the fascia (the fibrous membrane that covers the muscles).

a. Medicine on the Move

Medicine on the Move

  • In this Bowspring Yoga, there are asanas (stretching or balance exercises) and pranayamas (breaths) like others, but they are not static.
  • The focus is not much on executing multiple positions but activating the body as a whole and creating a feeling of unity and cooperation between the parties that improve the body, mind, and heart.

b. A Dynamic Posture Pattern

  • This method is known as a dynamic arch, and it divides the body into five areas that must work together: heart (rib cage), wings (shoulders, arms, and hands), roots (hips, legs, and feet), waist (abdomen and lower back) and crown (neck and head).
  • If one of them is stopped or works poorly or more than necessary, the whole (body) is affected, and pain or injuries appear.
  • And also, It is a system of alignment of the organism; it conceives as a whole. The whole and the parts are interdependent.
  • Furthermore, this system considers the spine to be flexible and conceives of the back as a long and dynamic spring.
  • If it remains straight, there is compression bone wear, and the buttocks go up to the sacrum causing pathological lesions in the lumbar region.

c. Quiet the Mind

  • Activating the Bowspring Yoga pose requires the student’s full attention. And also, the characteristic of the method is that it is a mindfulness exercise.
  • It requires full awareness of practice to flow. This meditative aspect costs the most, capacity for concentration, and acquires attention.

Quiet the Mind

d. Bowspring Yoga Has Multiple Advantages

  • It is a discipline that helps to grow, and improves sensitivity and courage and fosters an optimistic attitude emotionally.
  • And also, Benefits on a physical level: greater toning, balance, and increases lung capacity, and it helps to lose weight.

e. Not Just for Spiritual Metro

  • The benefit is not just for those who obsess with oriental techniques, and this pattern applies to any training and type of rehabilitation.
  • And also, It is suitable for any person, age, and physical condition. It will transform the way you sit or stand.

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