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The Yoga Pose That Massages The Liver And Eliminate Toxins

Yoga: Yoga poses that involve twisting the spine help to unblock and purify the liver, removing toxins.

Yoga can help clean and update somebody postures or asanas that create pressure on the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine and thereby help eliminate toxins and relieve inflammation. What yoga postures can massage the organs involved in this process of body renewal? In general, they agree:

  • The inverted postures (as Sirsasana, balancing on the head).
  • Forward bending and twisting reposition the digestive organs.
  • Postures that involve twisting of the spine helps to unblock and purify the liver and gallbladder by internally massaging the abdominal organs and mobilizing the diaphragm.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (a yoga posture that involves half twisting in a sitting position, as in the photo) or Jathara Parivartanasana (this other posture consists of a twisting lying on your back on the floor with arms crossed and legs bent towards aside).

These twists also gently massage the lower back, as the important thing is to try to make the spinal twist start from the coccyx and drag the lower abdomen.

As a result of the pressure, the liver contracts and becomes toned, and the intestines move. By activating all this machinery, the body begins its internal cleaning process.

On the other hand, maintaining these postures by breathing deeply is very beneficial for digestion. As with all yoga postures, these also allow us to relax.

One can even breathe, imagining that air, consciousness, or energy is carried to each organ. By focusing on the sensations that arise naturally, you learn to listen, wait, and know yourself. Care must always be taken not to overstress the muscles.

1. Liver Massage to Yoga

This yoga exercise will especially help you to massage the liver. If you have questions regarding how to perform the movement, we advise you to consult a professional. To start, you need to find a quiet and noise-free place. Follow these steps:

Bend your right leg bringing your heel to your left hip. Put your left leg over it and place your foot next to your right knee. With your right arm, hug your left knee and place your left arm behind your back.

Gently turn the trunk to the left, from the lower part of the back to the neck, to perform a small massage to the abdominal organs. Hold like this for about 20 seconds, undo the pose and repeat on the other side.

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