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Oh Scary – These 7 Styling Mistakes Ruin Our Hair

7 Styling Mistakes

Even now, in the home office, it is part of the morning routine for many of us: showering, brushing teeth, doing hair.

The problem with that? Often a few insidious mistakes creep into the daily styling, which is not suitable for our hair.

The temptation to set the alarm clock one or two times more on snooze in the morning is particularly high. We don’t have to go anywhere, just to the desk. And yet, we manage to get stressed.

What is left behind is hairstyling with calm and thoughtfulness. It has to be quick. But is that why you become careless? D rather not.

As soon as you avoid these 7 styling mistakes, nothing stands in the way of the permanent dream mane – even with little styling time.

Mistake 1: Fast, Aggressive Brushing

What we really shouldn’t do after getting up is to comb the hair through from the beginning. Knots are usually in lengths, and we only pull them deeper into our hair. Better: start at the bottom, in the affected areas, and work your way up gradually. It protects the hair roots and ensures fewer breaks.

Mistake 2: Do Not Use a Heat Protection

Even if you are in a hurry: As soon as a hairdryer, straightener, or curling iron used, an appropriate heat protection spray is essential. Honestly – spraying takes a maximum of a few seconds, and your hair spared the destructive power of the hot tools.

Mistake 3: Buy the Care Products

Yep, we all know it: The friend is enthusiastic about a product. And we, beings that are far too easy to influence, buy it directly. The only problem is that your girlfriend is very likely not to have the same hair structure as you. What works for natural frills doesn’t have to be the right thing for straight hair.

Mistake 4: Put Nourishing Products in the Entire Hair

You mean exceptionally well with your hair and treat the hair oil, the conditioner, and the mask to the entire head? Oops. That makes the approach greasy, we have to wash more often, and the tips dry out. If you prefer to do without this “side effect,” massage the nourishing care only into the lengths where it can work.

Mistake 5: Leave Styling Products in the Hair for Too Long

Do you regularly use hairspray, sea salt spray, or gel? The products give you hold during the day, but you should wash them out in the evening. Even better: do without it on days when it doesn’t have to be. If you keep the products in your hair for too long, you risk hair breakage and dryness.

Mistake 6: Hairstyles Too Strict

When things get hectic, and we have to have our hair off our faces, we like to put on a bun or a horsetail. But we should make sure that we take it easy. Hair that always forced backwards loses its elasticity in the long term, and in the worst case, even falls out.

Mistake 7: Delay the Visit to the Hairdresser

Let’s be honest: Especially those who dream of long hair always postpone the appointment to cut the ends quite a bit. Why actually? It is precisely counterproductive for our dream hair. The further the split ends pull upwards, the more our tips break, and the mane moves further and further away. Better: clench your teeth every three months and have the broken ends cut by the hairdresser.

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