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Bye – Bye Shampoo, For The Beautiful Hair

1. Beautiful Hair Without Shampoo

More and more people do without shampoos – and say that they never had more beautiful hair.

Actress Jessica Alba and singer Adele only wash their hair with water for weeks. On Youtube and blogs, there are more and more reports about “my life without shampoo.”

An editor of the women’s magazine “Brigitte” did the self-experiment. Result: After six weeks (almost) without shampoo, and it felt “completely different, much fuller, more grippy.”

The new care trend is getting used to, everyone agrees. “Today, it is inconceivable for many to do without shampoo.” We are shaped by advertising and the idea that all the products care for our hair.”

2. The Scalp is Heavily Degreased

The opposite is often the case: Silicones, for example, which found in many shampoos, make the hair soft and silky but also seal it. They dry out underneath and can no longer absorb nourishing substances.

And also, Artificial surfactants are responsible for removing dirt and sebum. There are innumerable, harmless, and less safe.

  • “Sodium Laureth Sulfate is contained in a great many products. However, it degreases the skin so much that itching or dandruff is often the result. At the same time, it suspected to make the skin more permeable to pollutants.
  • Allergies are infrequent because the shampoo always rinses out. Problems can prevent by choosing shampoos according to the individual hair and skin type, not applying undiluted and rinsing thoroughly (see tips).
  • “A mild shampoo with sugar surfactants is best,” recommends Dermatologists.

3. Tips for Beautiful Hair

Haircare – as Simple and Natural as Possible

  • The water should be lukewarm.
  • Use the shampoo sparingly and diluted. Rinse it thoroughly to avoid irritation to the scalp.
  • And also, Pay attention to any problematic ingredients in hair soaps.
  • Blow drying strains them; let it air dry if possible.
  • If you blow-dry your hair anyway, never at the hottest level.
  • Do not rub the hair dry, but dab it gently with a terry towel.
  • Washing once or twice a week is usually enough.
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