In Quarantine – You Now Have Time For These 5 Beauty Treatments

Don’t wash your hair for seven days? It’s good for your hair, but you would never do it in an average working week. But during the Coronavirus crisis, you now have time for precisely that.

Most of us currently spend the days mainly in our own four walls. The coronavirus continues to keep the world in suspense, and there is no prospect of any change soon. So there is all the more time that we can invest in ourselves.

So why not use this time to pamper your body again? There are 5 beauty treatments at home that we usually postpone so long that we forget them.

1. Grease Hair

We cannot go to the hairdresser at the moment. But it is good for the hair if we don’t wash it for a while. Now is a perfect time!

If you wash your hair every day, you can hardly get rid of it. Our hair doesn’t need to be shampooed every day.

It only takes a lot of time and a lot of hair products in the morning. Now is the perfect time to grease your hair.

That means not washing them for several days. Because no matter how greasy they look, nobody sees us anyway.

2. Give Your Nails a Break

Colourful nails are great: they bring colour and a good mood into everyday life.

However, having brushed the nails with paint and not giving them time out can lead to severe discolouration without a good base coat.

Allow your nails to breathe deeply again at home and wear them “all-natural.”

3. Insert Pedicure

Caring for your feet is not our favourite thing to do. Accordingly, we delay it for a long time, and if we do it, it will take a while.

Time to tackle this problem now! Make a foot mask, use peeling socks, remove the cornea, shorten the nails, and moisturize your feet – then the mountain boots will be elegant.

4. Masks, Peeling and Body Lotion

Apply lotion after showering; use a strip or mask now and then? It can wait. Not correct! Because the skin also needs sufficient care, which often forgotten in hectic everyday life.

We have enough time now. And we can invest it in a pampering program for our skin.

5. Dare to Experiment 5 Beauty Treatments

Because we are not going to the door, we do not have to put on makeup. The facial skin, thanks to it because it can breathe deeply again.

But if you like to put on your makeup, you will miss the morning ritual at some point. We can pretend for ourselves! And while we’re at it, we can also try out new makeup looks or daring lipstick. Dare to experiment – you are the only audience!

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