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1. Does Gluten Harm Skin?

The reputation of Gluten is so bad that many have long since removed it from their eating plan.

But is that necessary if you are not allergic to it? And does gluten harm our skin? The short and pleasant answer is: no! Gluten itself does not harm our skin.

  • But let’s first clarify what Gluten made of is: It is a mixture of proteins found in the seeds of many types of cereals.
  • When baking, it ensures that the dough rises, and the crispy bread gets its beautiful shape – actually totally harmless!
  • However, extreme hysteria has broken out over gluten in recent years, and the “glue protein” has been declared the enemy of healthy food.
  • If you do not have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, there is no reason to do without the protein!

2. Sugar – “the Enemy of Beauty.”

So gluten is released from the suspicion of being responsible for bad skin. We take another look at the crispy bread.

It consists of cereal flour and therefore contains carbohydrates. They are not bad for our skin as such! The crux is that there are three types of carbohydrates:

  • Plain sugar (fruits)
  • Double sugar (milk sugar, sweets)
  • Multiple sugars (cereals, legumes)

sugar enemy

For our body, various sugar is one of the essential energy sources – the fuel for our brain! Because it first has to be broken down into smaller parts before it absorbed into the blood, it causes the blood sugar level to rise only slowly.

That means a portion of spaghetti provides us with energy for several hours! However, double sugar causes the blood sugar level to skyrocket very quickly.

What does that mean? The body releases insulin, which stimulates the sebaceous glands to grow, which in turn can lead to blemished skin or acne.

3. Is Bread Good or Bad Now?

  • Again, it must be noted that there are different types. If the bread consists of wholemeal flour, the fibre, vitamins, and minerals still included.
  • But if we bite into a bright, sweet bun made from white flour, there is nothing left of fibre to be seen anywhere – on the other hand, and carbohydrates are abundant.
  • It means that the sugar gets into the blood unchecked, where it drives up the blood sugar level almost as quickly as it does in sweets.


Bread and the gluten it contains do not damage your skin! But when fighting pimples, you should remove white bread from your diet and avoid sweets, ready meals, and soft drinks.

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