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What’s Really Right?- The 10 Most Common Sauna Myths

Top 10 Sauna Myths

In the cold season, you can treat yourself to a visit to the sauna. But which “facts” are correct in these 10 Sauna Myths?

1. You Lose Weight in the Sauna

  • Not correct! It is possible that you briefly weigh a little less after visiting the sauna because your body has lost water.
  • To prevent it from drying out, you should drink enough afterwards. The body weight is then adjusted again.

2. A Cold in the Sauna Can Be Avoided

  • Not correct! The comforting warmth in the sauna may be tempting for some patients.
  • Still, a physician at the Clinic for Immunology says: “Visiting the sauna is an effort for the body that is comparable to jogging.” If you feel sick, you should not go to the sauna.

3. After the Sauna, the Skin Becomes More Beautiful

  • This Sauna myth is Right! The heat promotes blood circulation. As a result, the skin looks gorgeous and rosy right after the sauna.
  • In addition, old skin cells are washed away by sweat. It can have a positive effect on the complexion.

4. Drinking Between Saunas Prevents Detoxification

  • Not correct! The term “detoxification” comes from alternative medicine and is controversial.
  • You should also listen to your body when taking a sauna, and if you get thirsty, drink something.
  • Water, diluted fruit juices, and isotonic drinks are best suited for this. You should avoid alcohol!

5. Pregnant Women Should Not Go to the Sauna

  • Partly correct. If you are not used to visiting the sauna, you should avoid it in the first few months of pregnancy.
  • The same applies throughout the pregnancy if there is a risky pregnancy or health problems such as blood pressure problems.
  • Caution should also be exercised shortly before the birth date, as the heat can cause contractions.

6. After the Sauna, an Immediate Jump Into Ice-cold Water is a Must

  • Not correct! If you jump into ice-cold water, dangerous blood pressure peaks can occur. Cardiac arrhythmias also happen frequently, especially when you are sick.

7. Frequent visits to the Sauna Are Healthy

  • Right! Saunas have a positive effect on our health if we visit the sauna regularly. A Finnish study even showed that the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease decreases if you go to the sauna more than once a week.
  • Nevertheless: Adjust the frequency of your sauna visits to your feeling. If it doesn’t feel right, you’d better not.

8. The Sore Muscles Disappear in the Sauna

  • Not correct! Even if it is not completely clear how sore muscles develop, science assumes that sore muscles are small torn muscle fibres.
  • Of course, these do not disappear through the sauna. But the warmth of the sauna has a beneficial effect on hardened and shortened muscles.

9. The Sauna is a Bacterial Spinner

  • Not correct! Most microorganisms die from an air temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.
  • There is no need to fear the bacteria of other visitors in the sauna.

10. Sauna Visits Only Make Sense in the Cold Seasons

  • Not correct! Even if the thought of a hot sweatbox is not so tempting in summer: the positive health effects of saunas only appear after a few months of regular visits.
  • That means that those who go to the sauna all year round have more of it.
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