Thai Massage – What Should You Look For In The Good Treatment?

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The Good Treatment

Thai massages offered in relevant salons mostly have nothing to do with traditional Thai massage. It is a medical massage treatment that is carried out by trained therapists.

An acquaintance was still there and had a massage. They say that this Massage has nothing disreputable and helps them with the complaints.

1. What is Thai Massage?

The method, also known as Thai yoga massage, is one of the traditional healing methods of the Thai medical system and has many parallels with Indian and Chinese medicine.

Like acupressure, the Thai masseur uses the thumbs, hands, feet, knees, or elbows to exert targeted pressure on energy lines and points.

Added to this is the so-called yoga massage, in which the patient’s body is stretched and stretched by certain body positions originating from hatha yoga.

2. What is History?

The history of Thai massage is more complex than this legend of a single founder would suggest.

  • It is, like Traditional Thai Medicine more generally, is a combination of influences from Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian cultural spheres and traditions of medicine.
  • The art practised today is likely to be the product of a 19th-century synthesis of various healing traditions.
  • Even today, there is considerable variation from region to region across Thailand, and no single routine or theoretical framework that universally accepts among healers.

Thai Massage

3. What Should You Watch Out for in Thai Massage?

  • The patient behaves completely passively during the exercises and the stretching brought about by the therapist.
  • Full treatment usually takes 2 to 3 hours. The patient does not have to undress. The massage is done on a mat on the floor.
  • The therapist and patient are on the same level, enabling the therapist to use his body weight better.
  • Patients with different pain, back problems, arthritis, poor posture, neurological disorders, and stress-related complaints often seek help from a Thai massage therapist.
  • The procedure is also suitable for preventive health care. The costs of the traditional Thai massage reimbursed depending on private health insurance.
  • Before therapy, you should get cost approval from your health insurance company.

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