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What Does The Skin Needs After Winter?

1. What has to be done after Winter?

Winter months are over. It is time to restore the skin with lighter creams and put the fatty winter care products aside.

  • It is our largest organ: the skin. Hot heating air and the biting wind make it difficult in summer, which is why light care creams used in the hot season.
  • These protect our skin particularly well against external influences and the resulting irritation and dehydration.
  • When summer begins, the hot temperatures stimulate sebum production so that the skin on the face quickly tends to blemish.
  • If you continue to use creams with fat, you should not be surprised at the pimples and blackheads that arise.
  • Only people with oily skin should continue to use luxurious products for their faces. For everyone else, light moisture care is a better choice.

2. This is how it works with the fresh complexion

  • First, the skin should be clean thoroughly. A mild peeling removes dead skin cells and makes a face appear rosier immediately.
  • Products that are too aggressive should not use to prevent the skin from drying out after cleaning. Gentle peels are enough.
  • Then it is recommended to apply a moisturizing mask. About once a week, this gives you a real kick of freshness: the better the skin moisturized, the fewer wrinkles are formed.
  • The body needs to supply sufficient fluid from the inside. You should drink between five to six litres of water a day.
  • This is not only good for health but also for skin cells.

3. When it comes to makeup, less is more

  • After cleaning the face, make-up can be applied. When it gets warmer outside, covering the skinless actively recommended so that it can still breathe and does not clog the pores.
  • One should think of adequate protection from the sun, and it is best to use a skincare cream with a sun protection factor in the morning.
  • After the cold, cloudy months, the skin is no longer used to the sun’s rays and must protect not to be damaged.

4. Showers and massages are good for the skin

  • Lighter clothing in summer is the best to wear, and more skin showed again.
  • To take care of not only the face but also the body, peels should be used when bathing or in the shower.
  • Alternating showers, alternating cold and warm water, are also useful for you. These are even said to reduce stress and stimulate fat burning.
  • After the skin has carefully cleaned, you should apply the cream. If you take the time and massage the lotion properly, this will increase blood circulation.
  • Massages have a beneficial effect on the face and the body in the case of cellulite and make the skin firmer after regular use.
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