You Should Avoid These 5 Fattening Foods While Making Salads

Making Salads
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5 Fattening Foods

Salad is always the right choice. Not entirely true because it depends on the composition. The 5 fattening foods mistakes to avoid when preparing salad.

We want to do something good for our figure and put a salad at noon. You can eat as much of it you like anyway. Not always! Because although the green lunch has hardly any calories, with the wrong ingredients, there are some hearty calories hidden in the salad.

Mistake 1: Use a Ready Dressing

  • The finished salad dressing from the supermarket is practical but far from good. It hides a lot of extra calories.
  • Ready-made sauces often include creamy mayonnaise, creme fraiche or cream. In addition, there are about two cubes of sugar per 30 millilitres!
  • A dressing is quick and easy to make yourself. But be careful: olive or rapeseed oil brings some calories with it.
  • Sauces based on lime or grapefruit and balsamic vinegar are more suitable.

Mistake 2: Overdo the Cheese

  • The popular salad ingredient is fully pumped with protein but can also be very high in calories and fat in large quantities.
  • For every 100 grams of cheese, there is up to 35 per cent protein. A large handful of feta cheese or a whole pack of mozzarella can quickly break the calorie account.
  • Therefore be careful when serving!
  • Alternatively, you can grab cottage cheese or parmesan chips. These variants are much lower in fat.

Overdo the Cheese

Mistake 3: Many Different Fat Suppliers

  • Warning: Even healthy fats can add up to the calorie account. For example, caution is required with avocados, nuts, olive, or rapeseed oil.
  • Choose a maximum of two of these high-fat ingredients for your salad.
  • The recommended daily requirement for fat is between 60 and 80 grams. Half an avocado alone delivers 27 grams of it.

Mistake 4: Put on Fried Side Dishes

  • Many like to use chicken, prawns, or tofu to spice up the salad. It is not only tasty but also high in protein.
  • But you have to be careful about the type of preparation. As soon as one of these ingredients are fried, you should keep your hands off it.
  • Because although this tastes very tasty, it hides many unwanted calories.

Mistake 5: Choose Only One Type of Salad

  • Feel free to choose a mix of different kinds of lettuce because every leaf has its vitamins and minerals, which have different effects on the body. The variation of the meal also adds variety.

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