Foods to Strengthen Our Immune System to Fight Against Covid-19

Immune System to Fight Against Covid-19
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Diet has more than a direct relationship with our health. If we eat well, we can help our body to be strong to fight possible infections.

During the coronavirus crisis, Covid-19, it is especially important to remember the importance of eating a healthy diet to strengthen the immune system in the best possible way.

There is clear scientific evidence that links correct nutrition and maintains a balanced and healthy microbiota with a good state of the immune system.

Which will help us defend ourselves against pathogenic elements that can attack us, such as viruses or bacteria?

This does not mean that if we include these foods in the diet, we will avoid infection. Still, it does mean that you will have your body prepared in the best possible way to fight against these pathogens.

Various studies directly link nutrient deficiencies and malnutrition to an increased chance of infection.

1. What Should I Eat to Have a Robust Immune System?

  • It is essential to bet on natural foods, those that do not label and banish ultra-processed foods from the daily diet.
  • Priority should be given to fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grain cereals, functional quality proteins, and foods rich in healthy fats, such as extra virgin olive oil, nuts, bluefish, or avocado.
  • And it is also essential to know how much to eat each of them since more than half of our plate should be vegetables and fruits, a quarter of whole-grain beans and cereals. They should form quality proteins.

2. Foods That Help Strengthen Defenses

a. Garlic and Onion

Both are perfect antiseptics, antibacterials, and antivirals. Thus, they are perfect for including in the daily diet.

Garlic and onion

b. Yogurt

Due to the beneficial bacteria that this food has, yoghurt is a great probiotic capable of improving intestinal health and increasing defences.

c. Mushrooms and Mushrooms

A rich dish with mushrooms gives us a large dose of cytokines (cells that fight some respiratory infections). As if it were not enough, mushrooms provide compounds called polysaccharides that improve the immune system.

d. Ginger

Ginger has many properties, such as reducing joint pain, relax the body, and reduce fever, among others. You can add it to tea, soup, or stew.

e. Vegetables

They have a good dose of minerals, such as zinc, that improve the functioning of the immune system.

d. Eggs

Another great source of minerals, such as zinc, as well as essential amino acids, eating one cooked unit a day improves the immune system considerably, in addition to providing satiety and many nutrients.


e. pumpkin

When we eat this precious food, we add a lot of vitamin A to the body, generating white blood cells that fight infections.

f. Salmon

“salmon” fish is an excellent source of vitamin D (necessary in the body to kill viruses and deadly bacteria).

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