Choosing The Best CBD Vape Oil Here’s How?

Choosing The Best CBD Vape Oil Here’s How?
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Vaping is a popular and ever-growing way to consume CBD. People who are seasoned smokers must’ve heard the term vaping, but you are at the right place for the ones who are complete beginners. We see advances and developments in the world of CBD products now and then. And amidst such competition, it can be tricky to find the correct vaping material.

We shall cover the factors and technical understanding behind making a purchase. You might get interested in the range of flavors provided by, but first, let’s understand what CBD Vape Oils are.

1. What is CBD Vape Oil?

Vape oil is one of the essential parts of a vaping device. CBD vape oil is a mixture of CBD derived from the hemp plant (a form of the cannabis plant with non-psychotic properties) and diluting with carrier liquids like coconut oil or olive oil. Vape oils are used in vaping devices that produce tasteful vapors. It is also known as e-juice, e-liquid, e-cigarette juice. It is what drives the CBD vape industry and gets you to vaporize your CBD intake.

A CBD vape oil consists of three ingredients, namely, Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), and Cannabidiol (CBD).

2. Factors for choosing your vape oil

Picking up suitable CBD oils can be complicated, especially if you are not aware of the technical part of the same. Here are some of the factors and characteristics that you should look for:

  1. The Liquid Basis: You will need to make sure that the concentration of VG and PG is in the appropriate amount. Typically, the level of VG is 40%, while that of PG is 60%. However, one will notice the requirement of a decent electronic cigarette if the level of VG is higher.
  2. Clarity: When you see a typical CBD vape oil, it can appear cloudy or clear. One should always go for the clearer vape oil because more clarity means more purity. If it seems unclean, it can have certain additives that might not suit consumption.
  3. Knowing your vaping device: The CBD vape oil also depends highly on the kind of vaping device you have. Vape oils that contain vegetable glycerin can separate, causing a lot of potential damage to the vaporizer tank. To avoid the same, look at whether the vaping device relies on a cotton wick or not. If yes, then it is preferred to take a vaping device with a ceramic heating element, as CBD oils can dry out the cotton wick.
  4. Dosage: There are different kinds of dosage available to meet the demands of all CBD vaporizers. The first option to consider when starting is low CBD dosages which include less than 100mg of oil, which is expected for day-to-day use and has fewer effects. The second option is the 200mg CBD vape oil dosage, which is consumed more for occasional vaporizers that often don’t use their e-cigarettes. The next comes the 500mg vape oil dosage, which comes with a much stronger effect. On a bonus note, talking about the 1000mg dosage, one can find boosters to help dilute the oil to avoid severe high magnitude effects.
  5. Certification: The process of manufacturing hemp and CBD products are complex and should be checked for all sorts of contamination. While purchasing any product, one must always look for the ingredients on the packaging. One must also check how cost-effective it is. An expensive product doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better.
  6. Flavour Consistency: No matter what flavor you take, vape oil is only good if its flavor remains consistent throughout the use. If it tastes somewhat burnt or uniquely sweet, then it’s probably not of the finest quality. If the flavor changes with use, it’s better to stop vaping or change the device.

3. Different types of Vape Oils

Vape Oils can be mainly of 3 types called full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate.

Full-Spectrum: If you are looking to get real benefits from the Cannabis plant, then full-spectrum CBD is the way to go. This type contains less than 0.3% of THC, the chemical responsible for the ‘high’ associated with Cannabis. However, many people refrain from using this kind to avoid causing any problems during drug tests.

Broad-Spectrum: When the full-spectrum plant is taken for processing to remove the THC traces, it then becomes a broad spectrum. This is the perfect middle ground when it comes to CBD consumption. The concentration of THC left on the broad-spectrum is less than 0.01%.

Isolate: CBD Isolate consists of 99% pure CBD with no other cannabinoids. People prefer this to avoid any traces of THC whatsoever.

Different types of Vape Oils

4. How to use your Vape Oil

Now let’s cover the practical part of using CBD. Follow these steps to ensure a hassle-free vaping experience.

Step 1: Fill in the dropper: Every CBD vape kit comes with a dropper to ease the pouring process with the right quantities. Take the dropper and fill it to half the pipe level, which is the recommended amount.

Step 2: Squeeze the oil into the cartridge: Firstly, remove the cartridge from the pen. Then, with the dropper filled with the oil, squeeze the bulb on top of the dropper into the cartridge. Remember not to overfill your cartridge. That avoids any messy spills.

Step 3: Re-insert the cartridge into the pen: Once the cartridge is full, re-insert it into the cell. This process might differ from product to product. But before you start vaping, always make sure that the cartridge and the mouthpiece are in place.

Step 4: Start Vaping: Now that everything is in place, it’s time for you to choose your flavor and start vaping. You might want to take slow and activate the pen only for a second or two as a beginner.

5. Conclusion

There are many types of CBD vape oils available in the market. However, purchasing them might not be the easiest because stage regulations keep changing from time to time. If you are beginning with CBD, vaping might be a fun way to start consuming it other than oils, gummies, or pills. However, it would help if you take suggestions from your doctor before consuming CBD to avoid any reactions to previous medications that you might be taking.

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