Boat Posture To Gain Balance And Flexibility

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Boat Posture: An effective exercise that strengthens the abdominal and oblique muscles.

Some yoga postures aim to the ton and strengthen the abdominal area, the lumbar region and activate the transverse muscle of the abdomen, a vital sector for the functioning of the organism. This muscle is the deepest in the stomach.

It is found in the anterior and lateral parts of it, and its fibres are transverse. It contributes and participates in breathing, urination, or the neutralization of blows. It is also a significant strengthening of the lumbar spine through its joints, especially at the level of fascial structures.

With its strengthening, the spine is toned and protected by stimulating the abdominal organs by compression, flexibility is improved, and body awareness is trained.

1. Navasana Pose

The “full boat” yoga posture (Paripurna Navasana) is especially suitable for strengthening the abdomen and stretching the spine. But the main thing is that it increases the hip flexors, stimulates the kidneys, the thyroid, and favours concentration.

Boat Posture

“Nava,” in Sanskrit, is the ship that represents the force of the centre, the ability to stay in balance. In this asana, the body’s weight pivots and sits on the sitting bones, the base of the spine, the axis of the body’s balance.

2. Deep Breathing for Boat Posture

While doing this posture with your back upright and looking straight ahead, we must concentrate on long, slow, and very deep abdominal breathing.

Deep Breathing

3. An Exercise to Gain Flexibility

  • Sit on a flat outside with your back straight and your legs stretched out in front of you.
  • Bend your knees and hold the outer edge of your feet. Take a deep breath.
  • As you exhale, stretch and lift your legs so that your torso and legs form a 45-degree angle.
  • Simultaneously raise your arms, extending them forward almost without touching the legs.
  • Maintain the posture by taking twelve deep breaths, taking care not to hunch your back or chest.
  • The neck and shoulders should be relaxed.

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