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Dry Skin – How To Properly Care For Dry Hands?

How to Care for Dry Skin?

Our hands are currently under heavy strain: Frequent washing and disinfectants several times a day lead to Dry Skin.

Not only do our hands suffer from the many disinfectants that we use because of Coronavirus.

The skin also suffers greatly from the dry heating air. It leads to brittle skin that craves a lot of care. But not everything you put on your body helps.

The hands that are in constant use need a lot of attention. And if your hands are rough, even the most beautiful nail polish is of no use.

HealthDivineTips reveals which five care instructions you should now follow so that your hands remain very tender.

1. The Right Cleaning

If you suffer from rough hands, you should rather keep your hands off highly perfumed products. PH-neutral washing lotions and soaps are mild to the skin. You can only look forward to baby-soft hands with such products.

2. Don’t Rub Off

Drying is followed by drying: this should be done gently. Under no circumstances should the towel be rubbed wildly, as this only roughens the hands unnecessarily. However, the skin should be completely dry beforehand cream is applied. Otherwise, it will not be able to absorb properly.

3. Regular Peeling

Once a week, the hands should be soaked in warm water and exfoliated. This process removes dead skin cells and makes the hands more receptive to all the nourishing products.

4. Cling Film Treatment for Extra Soft Hands

Would you like to treat your hands to an extra dose of relaxation? Then generously lubricate your hands with cream and wrap them with cling film. Leave it on for about 20 minutes. The effect of the cream unfolds even more due to the heat build-up.

5. Pamper Yourself With Hand Cream

The cream provides special care. Here you should make sure to choose the right product when choosing. A few drops of facial oil in the hand cream provide an additional effect overnight.

It is best to choose a natural cream. In the cold months, when heating indoors, a particularly greasy cream is suitable, which prevents water loss. But which ingredients a product should contain always depends on your individual needs.

Very dry hands require so-called regenerating hand creams that have moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties.

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