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Detox Diet
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Detox Diet: Bloating, constipation, dull skin, headache Your body is not working like clockwork. You will get rid of these annoyances and 3 kilos of yourself in just one week.

1. Lose Three Kilos in a Week

Our nutritionist has prepared a detox diet to lose 3 kilos in a week. You will find it together with the weekly menu at the end of the article. But first, we want to tell you the guidelines you have to follow to diet and achieve your goal of losing weight.

Here is everything you need to know so that your diet helps your liver and kidneys work better, and you can regain regularity and feel light and deflated. And, as you will see, it is not just about eating vegetables.

2. Avoid the Processed

Do you know that the cleans the one who dirties the least? Well, apply it to food. It is useless to take a purifying tea after eating ultra-processed products (cold cuts, sausages, industrial juices, cookies, breakfast cereals, precooked ) full of “bad” fats, sugars, preservatives, additives, etc.

Avoid the Processed

What to do? Consuming only “real” foods, such as vegetables, fruit, legumes, meat, fish … Find out which are healthy processed foods and bad ultra-processed foods.

3. Have Breakfast Without Cold Cuts

The sausages are processed rich in bad fats and salt. If you are used to having sweet ham or chorizo ​​for breakfast, change the chip.

Healthy alternatives. There are countless healthy breakfasts without cold cuts: eggs in a thousand versions, tuna or sardines minis, toast with guacamole, etc. Or homemade cakes and muffins with no (or little) sugar.

4. Eat Lots of Vegetables

Vegetables are full of water and fibre. Half of your main meals’ plate should be vegetables and put in as many places as you can (sandwiches, juices ).

Eat Lots of Vegetables - Detox Diet

Choose well. Bet on vegetables with a bitter taste (endives, artichokes ) because they stimulate bile released by the liver. And those rich in sulfur (onion, radish) thin the bile. Also, the richest in potassium helps combat retention (celery, asparagus, cucumbers, chard, spinach, lettuce …).

5. Yes to Light Proteins Detox Diet

If you know how to choose them, proteins also purify. It is a mistake to think that all you cleanse is spending a day drinking fruit or vegetable broth. Proteins form enzymes that help clean the liver.

To lose weight, choose the lightest ones, such as fish or lean meat, legumes, or tofu.

6. Bet on Integral Carbohydrates Detox Diet

You need fibre from carbohydrates. Whole grain rice, bread, or pasta are high in fibre and help you feel full.

You must include them in your meals in garnish rations to lose weight without starving and without constipation.

7. Ally Yourself With the Stir-fries

Who would have told us that adding onion and garlic to the oil would help eliminate heavy metals, pesticide residues, and the pollution produced by cars?

They are wealthy in an enzyme (n-acetylcysteine) that is the precursor of glutathione, an antioxidant with this detox action.

8. Dairy Does Purify Detox Diet

Pass the myths: dairy does not “mess.” On the incompatible, a diet rich in calcium stimulates the mechanisms that eliminate fats. If you don’t have an intolerance, don’t avoid them.

Dairy Does Purify - Detox Diet

And better fermented. Yoghurt or kefir help feed the “good” bacteria of the intestinal microbiota, allied to lose weight.

9. Detox Shakes

The Keys to Making a Shake Truly Detox Are

More vegetables than fruit. The proportion must be favourable to the vegetables. The fruit is included only to enhance the taste.

Essential accessories. Add lemon juice or ginger or mint root, etc. It also improves the flavour and makes it more palatable.

Reduce with water and ice. Even if you make the smoothie with vegetable drinks or yoghurt, reduce it by blending with water or ice.

We know: detox diets are criticized a lot because it is argued – and with good reason, we do not say no – that the body already has its mechanisms to purify itself through the liver, kidneys, or skin.

And that if we need detoxification, we would have to be hospitalized because it is not something that can be cured by taking more liquids and more vegetables or a few smoothies.

10. Why Do This Detox Diet?

If we are aware of this, why do we propose it? Because we also know that it is a way of speaking. It is true that if you have been eating poorly for a while, doing little sport, or going very stressed, you need to reorder your diet and your habits to end bloating, constipation, extra pounds, and other discomfort.

vegetables are essential - Detox Diet

We propose to you this diet, which is why we call it detox. We will give you the keys so that your diet helps your liver and kidneys work better, which enables you to regain regularity and feel light and deflated.

And although vegetables are essential – some more than others – they are not the only thing you should consider because you should also eat protein or flour, but not just any or in any quantity.

11. Do You Need the Detox Diet?

If Your Attention a Few of These Symptoms, You Probably Need This “Help”

  • Kilos of more. They can be accompanied by digestive discomfort, gas.
  • Swelling. Look at your hands and ankles in the late afternoon to see if you have it.
  • Constipation. Your regularity has been affected, and you have trouble going to the bathroom.
  • Fatigue. You feel the tiredness already when you get up despite having been in bed your hours.
  • Sleeping problems. You may also have trouble sleeping well, falling asleep, or staying asleep.
  • Headache. It is not a very intense headache, but it is very persistent.
  • Skin problems You can have pimples, a dull complexion, see dark circles.

12. Detox Menu

  • Breakfast. Yoghurt with fruit; or hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg and toast; or a mini of tuna or sardines or hummus, guacamole
  • Midmorning. Detox shake.
  • Before eating. A glass of unsalted vegetable broth.
  • Food. Vegetable salad and vegetables; meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit) or fish (steamed, oven, iron); garnish bread, rice, legume or pasta; purifying infusion.
  • Mid-afternoon. A piece of fruit or yoghurt.
  • Before dinner. A glass of unsalted vegetable broth.
  • Dinner. Vegetable cream; fish, tofu or egg, and a natural yoghurt sweetened with cinnamon.

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