Does Drinking Water With Lemon Lose Weight Or Cure A Cold?

Drinking Water With Lemon
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Drinking-Water: Does drinking a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon prevent colds? Does it help us lose weight? Here’s what the experts say about it.

How many times have you heard that drinking a warm water glass with lemon on an empty stomach can prevent colds? And what helps to lose weight? Our health benefits are attributed to this drink: antioxidants, cleansers, slimming, even curative! Some have even dared to say that it can prevent certain types of cancer.

How Reliable is All This? Good Question.

There is a lot of controversy about it. While some professionals point out that this habit has countless health benefits, other experts dismiss these versions since it seems that science has not corroborated them to date.

health benefits

Marian Garcia (Boticaria García) explains in her blog, “there is no scientific evidence that it purifies, increases defences, or prevents any disease .” The Doctor of Pharmacy and a graduate in Human Nutrition and Diet adds: “Lemons provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and has many properties similar to those of other fruits and vegetables.

From there to say that it offers all these benefits, there is a long way to go”. However, drinking a glass of water with a few drops of lemon (not necessarily in the morning, but at any time of the day and whatever the temperature) will not harm your body and has some advantages.

Hydrate will help combat fluid retention and provide some vitamin C. If you like the taste and it helps you consume more water, Go ahead! Would you please not stop doing it? But don’t think that it is a panacea.

1. Real Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Water is a fundamental element for the proper functioning of the body. Experts recommend drinking between 1 and a half litres and 2 litres of water for optimal body function. Adding a few drops of lemon will not change its properties excessively, but it may make it easier for you to consume these amounts.

It will modify its flavour and perhaps make the drink more refreshing, but little else. Hydrates Since most lemon water is just that water, drinking this mixture right after you wake up will help you start the day with optimal hydration levels.

Doing it with a few lemon drops will not make it “more hydrating,” but some people prefer to add them for the flavour. Reduces fluid retention.

If you are one of those who tend to retain fluids, it will be useful for you to start the day with a good glass of water, regardless of whether it has a few drops of lemon.

Water is a diuretic and will help you eliminate excess fluids.

Fight Constipation

The same thing happens with constipation as with the previous points. Drinking enough water will help you improve your intestinal transit, especially if you drink it warm or hot, causing intestinal spasms.

few lemon drops

However, although there are people to whom the lemon’s acidity helps them go to the bathroom, the truth is that the laxative effect of this drink is independent of whether or not a few drops of lemon are added. It provides vitamin C.

That lemon contains vitamin C is nothing new, although you will be surprised to know that it is far from being the wealthiest food in this nutrient. Attach a little lemon juice to the water will make your body receive this vitamin, but be realistic; the dose will be minimal.

If you want to increase this substance’s intake, you want to review the foods that contain vitamin C.

2. Myths About Fasting Lemon Water

It does not alkalize. Experts assure us that we do not need lemon to regulate the PH of our bodies. Our body already has its mechanisms to keep it stable.

It does not purify or detoxify. It is too bold to say that a glass of lemon water removes toxins from the body and cleanses it. There are particular organs (kidneys, liver, lungs, skin) in charge of fulfilling this mission.

Drinking a glass of water on a clear belly does not make them work faster or more effectively. They already do well on their own.

It Does Not Help You Lose Weight

Drinking water before and during meals has a satiating effect, but it is highly exaggerated to attribute slimming properties to a glass of water with lemon on an empty stomach. It may take away your hunger a bit before eating breakfast, but it will not activate your metabolism or make the kilos go out as if by magic.

Lose Weight

As @boticariagarcia explains, there is no scientific evidence that water with lemon melts or dissolves fat. “If someone wants to” de-fat, “what they should do is eat healthily and practice physical exercise.”

It Does Not Prevent Colds

Contrary to what many people believe, vitamin C does not increase our defences or prevent colds. And much less does it take a glass of water with just a few drops of lemon. Different studies with a scientific basis have shown that vitamin C can shorten the cold duration but does not reduce the chances of catching them.

It is Not a Remedy Against Cancer

This statement is utter nonsense without any basis. The Association Against Cancer says it very clearly: “There is no food or combination of foods that cure cancer.

“To fight against this or any other disease, you have to put yourself in the hands of a specialist and follow the prescribed treatments. Neither the vitamin C cure nor the alkaline diet prevents or cures cancer.

There is no scientific evidence in this regard. It is clear that eating a healthy diet puts us in the best of scenarios, but unfortunately, it is not a guarantee of not suffering from diseases.

3. Watch Out! Lemon Water Can Damage Your Teeth

There is something for which there is scientific evidence: abusing lemon can be very harmful to teeth. Lemon is a very acidic food and causes erosion of tooth enamel and tooth wear.

If you consume warm water with lemon, follow the experts’ advice: drink it with straw not to touch the tooth enamel and wash your teeth immediately afterwards.

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