How To Have A Radiant Face Without Makeup?

Face Without Makeup
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You no longer need to spend money on waterproof products because it is possible to have a Radiant Face even if you do not wear makeup.

1. Radiant Skin

  • With the arrival of summer, there are also getaways to the beach and the pool, where it is better not to wear makeup.
  • Because either our face may end up being made a poem with panda eyes included. And also, excess sweat, along with the makeup and chlorine, can make our skin will leave undesirable spots or pimples.
  • If you think that it is hard to give up cosmetics and you are one of those addicted to mascara, it is better that you leave it parked for at least the time you are enjoying the water.
  • Therefore, we want to give you some tricks to apply them during these hot months, and so you can boast a fantastic face even without makeup.

2. Take Care of Your Radiant Face

  • To boast of a pretty face without makeup, we must take care of our skin by washing our face daily with warm water.
  • We must also exfoliate it once a week, either with unique exfoliating products or with a facial brush.
  • We mustn’t touch our faces much since our hands are usually dirty from everything we touch during the day, and we can transmit and leave this dirt on our skin.
  • Finally, we must take care of the diet and consume proteins, fruits, vegetables, and fibre so that our body releases toxins, and this translates into a face without blemishes.

face wash with warm water

3. Pretty Eyes

Even though the eyes are the part of the event that we highlight the most, thanks to makeup, it is also possible to boast a beautiful look if we use an eyelash curler to make them appear longer.

If we have had a bad night and have dark circles, use the classic trick of putting a frozen metal spoon in the affected area so that circulation reactivates.

  • Although we do not resort to makeup, we can use cosmetic products that help us achieve a good appearance for our eyes.
  • Thus, the serum for the eyelashes makes them grow stronger and prevent their fall.
  • For its part, eye contour creams also help us fight wrinkles caused by expression and, above all, keep the area hydrated.

4. Manicured Lips

  • To finish, we must pay attention to the lips if we want to boast a beautiful mouth. Therefore, we must exfoliate them to eliminate the skin that remains.
  • You can buy these exfoliants at any pharmacy or cosmetic store.
  • You can also use the toothbrush: gently rub a few times until we check that we have removed those skin. Then, you will have to apply a lip balm to hydrate us.

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