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Allergic To Cow Milk – What Are The Alternatives To It?

Cow Milk

Cow Milk Allergy

With a Cow Milk allergy, the body is allergic to individual protein components in the milk. In addition to calcium and milk sugar, protein is the most essential substance in Cow milk.

It is essential to take a close look at this substance when it comes to possible alternatives. Depending on the type of protein they react to, different nutritional measures apply.

Milk contains a lot of calcium, protein, and vitamin D. However, it has a bad reputation for losing weight.

1. Alternatives to Cow Milk

a. Sheep, Goat or Mare’s Milk as an Alternative to Cow Milk

  • The milk protein of Cow milk consists of two different fractions: whey protein and casein.
  • The whey protein is specific to Cow milk. It means that an allergic reaction to whey protein is restricted to cow’s milk.
  • As an allergy sufferer, you have the option of switching to sheep, goat, or mare’s milk.

b. Rice or Soy Milk in Case of Casein Intolerance

  • The casein, however, is not animal-specific. If you have an intolerance to the casein, you must avoid all animal milk types in the future.
  • Vegetable products such as rice or soy milk are available as replacements.
  • However, they are not comparable with the composition of animal milk types because they contain less protein and minerals.

Rice or Soy Milk

2. An Investigation Helps

  • So, first of all, you need to know about which type of protein you are allergic to.
  • That is why a reliable medical diagnosis is required in advance, which supports them in the subsequent testing with food.
  • If you do not use animal dairy products at all, you will ensure that nutrients are balanced with other foods. Other valuable sources of protein are meat, fish, egg, and legumes.
  • And to cover your calcium needs, I recommend mineral water rich in calcium. These are mainly mineral water with at least 400 mg calcium per liter.

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