Your Milk Is The Best Medicine For Your Baby

Milk Is The Best Medicine
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Milk: Comfort your baby and bond at the same time. When you are sick, it helps you recover, calms your discomfort, and provides you with adequate hydration.

By breastfeeding your child when he is sick, you are not only giving him the nutrients need to recover sooner but also receiving your warmth and love, and as you well know, there is no more effective treatment.

And not only that but also, for him, it is anaesthesia without contraindications. As the baby suckles, as the brain releases relaxation hormones, it feels less pain. That is why it is ideal for breastfeeding them when they go to the doctor.

When the child is sick and wants nothing but milk, it gives him the comfort of being with his mother and the number of fluids he needs. Nature is wise, and many infants with infectious diseases weaken their state and want to breastfeed.

During the first six months of life, the newborn does not need any other fluids to stay well hydrated. And later, the intake of breast milk also provides a significant amount of water to the child.

Breastfeeding Has a Sweet Anesthetic

1. Breastfeeding Has a Sweet Anesthetic

Breastfeeding has a sweet anaesthetic effect on the baby. This is evident when they have to do some tests: the heel test, the vaccines because it has been proven that breastfeeding children while they are being tested feel less pain than the rest.

Breastfeeding has a sweet anaesthetic effect on the baby. If a test needs to be done, breastfeeding calms him down.

All mothers whose children suffer or have had an earache, for example, know that their babies are latched on to the breast all day. The same happens when there is pain in other parts of the body. Otitis is up to 13 times less frequent if you drink breast milk.

There are a few cases in which children cannot be breastfed, but there are also cases usually due to metabolic problems.

Children with galactosemia are one example. This inherited disease causes pure sugar in lactose to build up and damage the liver and central nervous system. But it only occurs in 1 in 40,000 children.

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